Blurred Lines By Jessica Prince

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Blurred Lines: A Small Town Grumpy Hero Romance (Redemption Book 6) By Jessica Prince


Book/Novel Author: Jessica Prince

Book/Novel Title: Blurred Lines



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There was absolutely no way she was falling for her neighbor. No matter how gorgeous he was.Aurora Keller thought she’d lucked out when she decided to put down roots in Redemption, Tennessee. She had a new business, new friends, and a picture-perfect little house. There was just one problem, and it came in the form of her six-foot-three tattooed, muscle-bound neighbor from hell, who just so happened to be her best friend’s future brother-in-law. It really wasn’t fair that Satan’s offspring was so nice to look at.Callum Morrison wasn’t a good man. Or at least that was what he’d convinced himself. After a series of bad decisions that had resulted in the worst years of his life, all he was looking for was peace and quiet. Too bad he bought a house right next door to the one woman he wanted but could neverhave. That was enough to make any man grumpy. What had started as a war against two neighbors turned into something so much more.And if they aren’t careful, the fallout could destroy them both.
I want more!! I love most of her books but there are a few couples I can’t get enough of and this is one of them! Aurora and Callum are so hot you could feel the chemistry around them swirling as you wanted for them to finally take the plunge! Loved this book and I LOVE Redemption.!
I love a good enemies to lovers romance. Aurora and Callum had some explosive chemistry. From the very beginning their fights were fiery. Callum tried so hard to fight his feelings. When it came to Aurora he felt like he wasn’t good enough for her, even though she was the only person who made him feel something other than darkness. Aurora was a great heroine. She put up with a lot from Callum and couldn’t figure out why she felt such a pull towards him. When they finally were able to put aside their “hate” their relationship just fell into place. Callum still had a lot of problems from his seven years in prison, but Aurora seemed to settle him. There were a few times when I wanted to strangle Callum but for the most part he was the quintessential book boyfriend when get gave into his feelings. I only wish there had been more of Callum’s prospective and more in between the final chapter and the epilogue. I wasn’t ready to finish Callum and Aurora’s story and I felt like there was a lot left open-ended. I can’t wait for Laeth, Wynn, and Pope to get their own books.
loved this book! Just enough plot and twist to keep you on your toes but not cause anxiety lol. Love happy endings!
Just not as well done.The main characters were a mentally unstable male lead and a female lead used as a (verbal) punching bag.The only parts that had any emotion to them were when they were fighting. Anything that them together was just flat.Here’s how the story goes: He resisted liking her, they fought repeatedly, they broke up repeatedly, he apologized repeatedly, he finally decided to get help, the end.I’m so tired of the same old garbage. At least his character was looking into therapy. There was no hope for her though, which was very disappointing because I was looking forward to her character’s story. (I think I would have liked her better together with Pope.)This overused storyline makes me want to give this one star. Since I can’t be impartial, I’m giving it two instead.
Trope: Grumpy/sunshine, opposites. It’s labeled as a small town romance but you don’t get much description or emphasis of this.Slow burn level: 60%, the build up felt a bit off. I would have liked to see more chemistry buildingHero is somewhat of recluse in town and with his family after serving jail time. He sticks to himself. Bit grumpy and standoffishHeroine is a yoga instructor and neighbor to hero. They have friends/family in the same circle so they interacting more with a brother/best friend’s wedding.I read this as a standalone and without reading the preceding books and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything major.The crisis of the story was very tame and lacked some luster.HEA (no pregnancy)Trigger warnings: side characters pregnancy
I freaking loved this book! Callum so deserved happiness and someone to be there for him. Aurora is an amazingly strong woman and she rocks. I simply adored everything about this book.


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