Book 1 Prince of Hearts By Jennifer Jones

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Book 1 Prince of Hearts: Princes of Therea Series By Jennifer Jones


Book/Novel Author: Jennifer Jones

Book/Novel Title: Book 1 Prince of Hearts

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In a world where duty comes before love, a young prince, betrothed to a beautiful princess who was born and raised to be his Queen, comes a true love story. The young prince disguises himself as a middle class young adult and goes out into the the city to look for a bride who was not raised to be his queen, without feeling or caring for him but what being his queen will bring her — but a woman who cares for him as a person and loves him for who he is and not what he can give her. He finds the woman of his dreams at a popular Nightclub where he disguises himself as the nightclub manager, unbeknownst to the Royal Family, and finds the woman who can ignite passion in him he never knew he possessed.

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