Bound by Fate By Piper Davenport

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Bound by Fate (Cauld Ane Series Book 10) By Piper Davenport


Book/Novel Author: Piper Davenport

Book/Novel Title: Bound by Fate



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Isla GunnachI am the daughter of royalty. A princess, if you will. But I have no interest in a prince to vanquish my dragons. I’m quite capable of doing that all by myself. I am, however, looking for my equal. A man who doesn’t simper at my feet, or try to use me to get to my father or my uncles. The problem is, when such a man crashes into my life, I find him to be insufferable and infuriating.Arric MannI’m a nomad. I have no family, no home. Just a series of tragedies that have shaped the man I have become. When I find myself drawn to Scotland, I am propelled into a world I am not prepared for. One of ancient lore and fairy tales.But I also find her. And she is about to ruin the last semblance of sanity I have left.





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