Bow Down By Nikita Parmenter

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Bow Down (Broken Kings) Book 1 By Nikita Parmenter


Book/Novel Author: Nikita Parmenter

Book/Novel Title: Bow Down



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*** This is a spin off of the Finding My Home series, Jynx’s story. You don’t need to read the Finding My Home series to enjoy this one! ***My life got turned upside down when I got an inheritance from the grandmother I never knew existed. Of course, it came with stipulations, one of them being that I attend this rich as hell private school, not so bad, right? Wrong, I come from the wrong side of the tracks, and I thrive there. Cursing is my only language, I’m covered in tattoos, and the sound of breaking bones is like music to my ears.I’m bored though, ever since my uncle put me on the back burner due to a small incident, I’ve been going out of my damn mind not doing the usual jobs for him, the bloody ones. So I decided to give it a go, rich bitch myself up, looking and acting nothing like the real me, unobservant, meek, and innocent. None of which I am even close to being.I figured I’d do it for a day and then say I tried and call it quits; the problem? The Kings, Rome, Ace, Rip, Malachi, and Mason, took an instant interest in me, bringing me into their group. So I’ve been playing meek and mild for months when all I want to do is have my wicked with them, that is until they suddenly turn on me. Cruel and hurtful is not something I’m used to from them, and they’ve got the whole school backing them up.I think it’s about time the real me came out to play, and it’s a damn shame no one can warn them it’s going to get bloody! This is a medium burn, Reverse Harem.Warnings: Please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, graphic violence and cursing.Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.All sex is consensual.
Damn! Why am I dangling off the cliff right now??? That went sideways from what I was expecting in the best way possible. I love me some crazy times and smoking hot guys…can’t wait for the next book
Ok first off, I’m really excited to read the next book and I couldn’t put this book down! I’m excited to actually see a bada** FML and not just being told that she is awesome. All that being said, PLEASE get an editor!! This book is so good, but it was really distracting trying to get through the editing issues. I had to stop several times to reread to try to figure out what the author was trying to say. Usually I’m not super picky, but wow that was rough.
This story has all the components to be an epic book sure to be my fav. Unfortunately the writing and the dialogue took a hit in the mid to latter half of the book. I found myself skimming pages and likely would have DNF’d it but I’m not a quitter.
Love the fact! Full of attitude and sass. Would lo e to be intoduced to the kings. Story line keeps you enthralled. Can’t wait for more!
I bought this book and have read and reread it. It’s rough, raw and everything you need. If you like RH books, or enemies to lovers then this is a must read. 10/10 highly recommend.
I love Nikita’s other books and was curious about Jynx. I’m so glad she has her own book! You don’t need to read the Finding My Home series to read this although if you don’t you’re going to be missing out on a fantastic series.It does have bullying from the harem to the FMC but it’s not terrible. I definitely did cringe from second hand embarrassment. I felt bad for her but they more than make up for it. They had their reasons and I understood. She blew them out of the water though when she surprised them. I can’t say more or else I’ll ruin it. Go read it!It does end on a cliffy though….


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