Breaking Promises By Elle James

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Breaking Promises (Delta Force Strong Book 9) By Elle James


Book/Novel Author: Elle James

Book/Novel Title: Breaking Promises



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Delta Force Operative Asher Gray otherwise known as “Smoke” is on temporary assignment to the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Never one to get involved too deeply with the opposite sex, he finds he can’t keep his eyes or hands off the ambassador’s niece who happens to be the man’s bodyguard.Danica “Danny” Turner learned her fighting skills in the Army and then in the MMA arena. When she’d had enough of beating her opponent’s heads in, her family convinced her to be her uncle, the US ambassador to Israel’s bodyguard, only to find a Delta playing double duty to her assignment. Though she’s hot about having a backup, she can’t help falling for the annoying man.When all hell breaks loose at a formal function, Danny is taken hostage. Smoke and his team of Deltas must find Danny and rescue her before her captor kills her. Smoke will stop at nothing to save Danny and to confess how he feels about her.
Great story,great characters, great love scenes. Also, wonderful suspense including snooty rich guy who thinks he can away with anything and throw in a little kidnapping!
Definitely a great read! A lot of action, laugh out loud moments and hot chemistry. Smoke and Danny’s story had an excellent storyline, as well. Danny is ex-military, ex-MMA fighter and now a self proclaimed bodyguard to her Uncle who is an U.S. Ambassador in a foreign country, who is receiving death threats. She is bound and determined to protect her uncle. Smoke is starting a brand new mission with his Delta team to protect the Ambassador. As soon as he arrives to the Embassy, he finds himself in an awkward position, pun intended.The author did a really good job with this story!
Elle James never ever disappoints! Fast read with all the things that make a story great – humor, action, a kick ass woman, romance. I loved it, laughter out loud and got teary eyed.
Loved it. You had me from the moment she met him in the office. Great story. Smoke and Danny were perfect together.
Another great book by Elle James. I loved this book and all the characters. I can’t wait to read next book in series. I would recommend this book and all Elle’s books.
Danny came to help protect her uncle, who was in political office. Danny and been in the Army and was an MMA fighter. Smoke and his team where also hired for protection. This was a goid story. I loved Danny kicking ass.


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