Breaking Rules By Elle James

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Breaking Rules (Delta Force Strong Book 2) By Elle James


Book/Novel Author: Elle James

Book/Novel Title: Breaking Rules

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Ryan “Dash” Hayes has a penchant for breaking the rules. If it’s for the right reasons, and he doesn’t get caught, he won’t hesitate. To him, rules are guidelines to be used to keep the sheep in line, not him. But his commander is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s good at his job as a Delta Force Operative. Fast, effective and willing to sacrifice his life to save others.After her singing partner is killed in a bus crash, Sunny Daye joins the USO. What better way to punish herself for surviving than to put herself at risk in a country full of conflict? When attempts are made to kidnap her, she’s given a choice…leave the country or accept another bodyguard for the remainder of her tour.Enter Dash, the cocky, irreverent Delta Force soldier who seems to show up at the best/worst times to save the day. Okay, if she has to have a bodyguard, she has a few rules he must follow:One – Hands offTwo – No kissingThree – No falling in love with the talentWith a grin and a wink, Dash agrees to her terms. But then Dash has never met a rule he wasn’t willing to break.

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