Bred Winner By Frankie Love

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Bred Winner (Filthy Dirty Desires Book 1) By Frankie Love


Book/Novel Author: Frankie Love

Book/Novel Title: Bred Winner



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The woman I crave just moved into the house across the street to be the nanny.Big tits, big hips — damn she makes me hard.Running my chain of auto-shops means I’m a busy man. Problem is I have no one to share my success with.When Molly needs a cup of sugar, she comes knocking on my door.She’s asking for something sweet, but her eyes tells me she wants something filthy.I can see it now: her in my kitchen, barefoot and pregnant — ready for me to bring home the bacon.Dear Reader,Major is a real man who knows what he kneads. It’s time for him to be the Bred Winner Molly has always dreamt about.xo, frankieWelcome to filthy dirty desires!Forget being sweet … this year we want to give into our dirtiest desires.Taboo, dangerous, and over-the-top, we’re bringing you everything you were too scared to ask for.**Don’t worry, loves, these are still packed with the heroes you crave and the HEA’s you deserve!
Without giving away any spoilers, there is a portion of this book that did not go down how it typically does in most other similar plot lines. It led to a cringey moment or two, but overall the book was good, the smut was a little fast paced, and the characters were definitely in desperate need of each other. I liked it
While I enjoyed reading this story about Major and Molly, it didn’t hold my interest for long. Major (whose first name was Mike) was an auto mechanic who owned several repair shops and was lonely. He wanted a wife and a family. Molly was just hired as a nanny for the family across the street. Major was older, 35 I think, and Molly had recently graduated from college, so maybe early 20s. She also wanted a family.The attraction was instantaneous when they met as she was moving into the house across the street for the nanny job. Turns out the parents weren’t getting along, then they ended up splitting up right after she moves in. Molly was a virgin but you’d never know it from the way she acted with Major and the language she used when she wanted to get it on with Major. It was the type of language I expected from Major (and he didn’t disappoint me). I just didn’t like that Molly was portrayed one way that quickly changed after meeting Major. She actually became the initiator of their sex several times. I did like that she was a good mother when they had kids. There were two or three epilogues.
definitely OTT and very fast. I guess I was expecting a tad more of a buildup and the whole over to borrow sugar bit had me rolling my eyes. Decent but not one of my favorites by this author. .I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
This was a good book. I enjoyed reading about Mike and Molly. Mike Major is a 35 year old mechanic ready to settle down. Molly really just wants to be a mom. This instant love story is all the feels. A lot of batter too.
Parts for the dialog seemed clinical and repetitive. I usually enjoy this author but not this story. It seemed rather juvenile and kind of forced. It came across as not believable and almost silly.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author. I am voluntarily leaving a review. I really enjoyed reading this book. It had me captivated from the beginning with the hot steamy scenes. I would recommend it!


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