Broken Council By Tao Wong

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Broken Council: System Apocalypse Book 10 (The System Apocalypse) By Tao Wong


Book/Novel Author: Tao Wong

Book/Novel Title: Broken Council

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All actions have consequencesJohn Lee has come far from his time as a struggling survivor of the System Apocalypse. But now, his actions have gone too far and he has drawn the ire of the Galactic Council. Not only himself and his friends, but Earth itself, are faced with the displeasure of the Council. With the whole galaxy turned against them, John will have to scramble for allies and make Faustian deals to save Earth. But against the might of multiple empires, will it be enough? As the fate of Earth teeters on the balance, John may finally have to make a choice and break not just the Council, but his very honor itself. Broken Council is book 10 of the bestselling post-apocalyptic, space opera LitRPG series, The System Apocalypse. Tao Wong is also the author of the bestselling xianxia series, A Thousand Li, and the other LiTRPG series, Hidden Wishes and the Adventures on Brad, among other works.

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