Brutal King By Jagger Cole

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Brutal King: A Dark Bratva Academy Romance By Jagger Cole


Book/Novel Author: Jagger Cole

Book/Novel Title: Brutal King



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He’s my deadliest poison. And my only cure.To keep my empire, I’m going to marry a man whose family my family tried to destroy.A terrifying and magnetically gorgeous man with brutal blue eyes. A man whose very presence sucks the air from my lungs. A man with no past, shrouded in scars, pain, and darkness.But this isn’t about me. This is about securing a future for my sister. Even if that means binding myself to a man who hates me.Except “until death do us part” is going to come quicker than anyone knows.You see, this story has an expiration date. I have an expiration date.In six months, I’ll be dead.They say love is a battle.And I’ve got nothing to lose.This standalone, extra dark and angsty Bratva academy romance is guaranteed to leave your kindle steaming. Step into the viper’s nest of Oxford Hills Academy and meet the Savage Heirs of Bratva kings and oligarchs.Absolutely no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happy ever after.
*SPOILERS* Jagger Cole has quickly climbed to the top of my go to authors list.. and this story has cemented his place there! I don’t know what some of y’all are on about but omg the roller coaster ride this story took me on – Y’ALL I CANT. I could not put this down from start to finish. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed every interaction between L&L and even Ilya and Misha’s interactions with Lizbet. The absolute mind**** with the brother like omg – I didn’t see that coming! Everything that happens when Lukas goes back to the black house with the black door just takes you on a RIDE. It was wild! I loved it and will read again! The only thing I can say I wish there’d been more of is interaction between the girls. That’s literally it – everything else is gold! Congratulations on another win, JC!
It was well written , dark subjects , but it was sad it made me cry , but to realize that actually happens to young children and I couldn’t stop reading this book . loved the ending so there is a very happy ending
Just when book 2 and Misha tears at heart, along comes Lukas. Broken, battled and scarred. He makes it easy to fall for him and Lizbeth. Another 5⭐ for this one.
Can’t wait for the next one. Will be downloading it immediately. Author does a great job. Can’t put it down.
Good story and characters. I couldn’t put it down at certain points. And, I did not see the plot twist coming! Great cover, but Luke has blue eyes.
I really enjoyed this book. The only major hiccup I came across was on page 326, a chunk of the writing repeated itself and morphed into a different sentence. I thought I was stroking out lol


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