Brutal Vows By J.T. Geissinger

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Brutal Vows By J.T. Geissinger


Book/Novel Author: J.T. Geissinger

Book/Novel Title: Brutal Vows



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An Irish mobster with a brutal grudge.An Italian mafia princess with a dark secret.Two enemy empires joined in sacred marriage vows.Let the hating games begin.ReynaIf this arrogant Irish mobster my brother sold my niece to thinks I’m going to play nice over this arranged marriage BS, he should think again.I don’t care if this match with the Mob will make my brother capo of the Five Families.I don’t care how much money, territory, or power it will gain us.I especially don’t care that the Irishman is the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.I won’t allow my innocent niece to suffer the same way I did.Even if I have to kill him.SpiderI’m supposed to marry sweet, beautiful Lili. So why can’t I stop thinking about her swamp witch of an aunt?Reyna who hates me. Reyna who challenges me. Reyna with the guts of a Viking, the body of a fertility goddess, and the attitude of a feral cat.Nothing good can come of what I’m feeling for a woman who’s not the one in the wedding contract I signed.A woman I want so much, I’ll have to burn the whole world down to get.If she doesn’t kill me first.
This is not a book – this is a dream. That dream book that everyone is searching for . That love story that everyone wants to find and read! There it is!!!This book is pure luscious happiness of the heart . It is VERY STEAMY and HOT!This was such a delicious, unbelievably amazing read!!! It was exactly what I wanted to read… for a while…..!!!I saw a lot of reviews as this book and honestly thought that everyone is raving about it, because it just came out! Let’s be honest – how can you top Carnal Urges? Oh wow – clearly JT Geissinger can and did just that ….and then some!!!I just opened this book to see if it’s as good as Carnal Urges and I just couldn’t stop until my phone died….. and then until it was finished!Every time I thought this book can’t get any better, the author just proved me wrong! It just kept getting better and better!I love to be surprised! ( even though she clearly hints throughout the book where she wants to take heroine in this book) There is nothing better for me in a book than an incredible love story AND surprising plot twists or both .Thanks for having it ALL!I loved that book DIVES right into action with no long preface!I loved that characters are mature! And so LOVABLE!I loved the …. Well EVERYTHING!
“You’re a privilege I don’t deserve, but I’m going to spend the rest of both our lives trying to be worthy of you.”Holy hell I LOVEEEEEE this series and I’m so sad to see it come to an end but definitely saved the best for last because Spider and Reyna…….. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!“Viper. My lovely, lethal wife. You’re f’ing perfect, inside and out. Don’t ever worry about disappointing me. You couldn’t. Even when you’re homicidal or hurling insults, you take my breath away.”OH-EM-TO THE FREAKING-GEE…… Spider owns me!! I have been dying for his story since he was introduced in this series and man oh man, I was not disappointed by any means. This man, with his broodiness, intense possessiveness and loyalty you couldn’t ask for a better hero for Reyna. Now Reyna, if there was ever a bada$$ heroine that was my spirit animal she’d be it. This woman went through hell but learned along the way to take her life in her own hands and because of her strong willingness she survived the worst and refused to let her niece end up like her. Little did she know that Spider was nothing like her past, in fact, he was the future she never thought she’d have.“I think you’re a brilliant golden sun in a sky that’s only ever known the black and starless night.”This series is one that needs to be read, that needs to be experienced and let it consume you mind, body and soul!
This was so good to read. I loved seeing Homer aka Spider finally getting a chance at his happiness. Reyna is his perfect mate. Reyna is quick witted, sarcastic and emotionally intelligent. Spider is honorable, romantic and possessive. They balance one another and make a great addition to the couples of this series.Now I shall eagerly await the final book dedicated to Killian Black…. Hopefully it comes very soon.
A good story. I was a little hesitant to liking the MMC in the beginning, but that completely turned around later. I always liked the female—she’s very hard not to. This is a great couple.
Brutal Vows is the end of the Queens and Monsters Series and what a way to end it. I really wanted to know more about Spider after the last book and JT did not disappoint. The love story between him and Reyna was great and you rooted for them from day 1. Thanks for another great book JT!
This story will have twists and turns that will leave you a bit light headed but it will be worth every second if it. These two finding their way to each other is an amazing journey and story that you will not want to miss. All our favorite secondary characters are here too which makes for an amazing storyline and wrap up of a phenomenal series. Watching everything fall into place is perfect. You will love this hot and steamy romance even though they want to kill each other most of the time because they are too attracted to each other to admit the truth. However, when they finally give in to each other it’s nothing but explosive. Happy Reading!


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4.9/5309 ratings