BULL By Deborah Bladon

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BULL (The Buck Boys Heroes Book 1) By Deborah Bladon


Book/Novel Author: Deborah Bladon

Book/Novel Title: BULL



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My jerk of a boss is getting married today. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the bride-to-be is me. Graham Locke is cocky, condescending, and looks sinfully sexy wrapped in a thousand dollar suit. He’s also a nightmare to work for. When he sends me a text message asking me to meet him because he’s getting married, I laugh out loud. Who would marry him? It turns out I do. I literally marry my boss. It’s not for love. I can’t say it’s entirely for money, but that does factor into my decision to become Mrs. Locke for ninety days. Three months will fly by, right? Wrong. Within twenty four hours, I’m counting the seconds until I can go back to being Trina Shaw. I persevere because I’m not one to give up even though I seriously consider it. It doesn’t take long before I discover that my husband isn’t the man I thought he was. The secrets he keeps hidden close to his heart may end up breaking mine.
## LOVED IT. This was a fun & sexy read. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was fabulous. I will definitely read again.
Blandon wrote a scorching hot book with a lot of heart. This one made my heart jump and wiggle more than a few times, which made it a five star read. Graham Locke is a perfect book boyfriend. It was a slow build love and it was extremely satisfying to get lost in.
I love everything about this book and this couple. Their story was amazing and their love was nothing short of magnificent…I cried with this book for his past. I hated to see the book end. Looking forward to the next one.
My first 5 star rating of this year (9 books down). This was well written and fun to read! I was a little apprehensive about reading it but it captures you within the first few pages and only gets better! The characters are likeable, and definitely relatable. It didn’t feel rushed, and the plot covered any lingering or uneasy questions. Very wholesome!
Her books have fallen off for me. This one was a typical story from her. Actually, I enjoyed it even more than some of her others. I just miss the days before a sex scene faded to black before it even got started. What the hell happened? Another thing that sort of bothers me, which is nothing knew, are the explanation of characters from other books. Not only am I not a huge fan of crossover characters but the way that each one is over-explained is a bit cringe.


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