Buried in Secret By Viveca Sten

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Buried in Secret (Sandhamn Murders Book 10) By Viveca Sten


Book/Novel Author: Viveca Sten

Book/Novel Title: Buried in Secret



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When two cold case disappearances are reopened, a decade of deadly secrets is unearthed on Sandhamn Island in the #1 bestselling thriller by Viveca Sten, author of In Bad Company.A woman’s skeletal remains are excavated on an uninhabited island in Sandhamn’s archipelago, and Thomas Andreasson is called to officially investigate. But his best friend, Nora Linde, can’t help but get involved.On leave after her last case took a dark turn, Nora is tortured by depression, nightmares, and guilt. Her marriage fractured, her pride chipped away, Nora could find redemption in this investigation. Then evidence suggests two possible cold cases linked to the grim discovery: two women who have been missing for ten years. Now Nora feels compelled to unearth a mystery someone has gone to great pains to bury. What could have happened to require such a cover-up?As the cold case vanishings converge, Nora follows a twisting trail of revenge, blackmail, and betrayal. She’s also inviting the watchful eye of someone determined to stop her. To free herself from the damaging grip of the past—and the reach of a relentless killer—Nora is going to have to brave the darkness one more time.
A true page turner. We are seeing a different side of our regular much loved central characters, and it takes a bit of getting use to,but as usual. Ms Sten has provide us with another very entertaining read. Loves this series, but seeing our favorites in an unflattering light , jars our senses and disrupts our programmed mindset,not necessarily a,bad thing.
This book was too much of a downer for me. I have every book, and have enjoyed them. This book, however, was a disappointment. Too much depression and problem drinking. Also, some of the ways the main character acted was just plain out of character for her. For a smart attorney, who should know the law, she did some dumb things.
I mostly listened to the audio version of the book. It took me several chapters to get used to the new narrator. The previous narrator was really consistent in the character voices and read at a good pace. This narrator was bad. She tried to make her voice deeper for some male characters, by closing her throat and I kept thinking she sounded a little like Kermit the frog. I’m not sure how to explain it. Then she read in a slow, quiet voice. It made the book drag on. I usually listen to audiobooks during my commute, but this book I had to interchange with reading it on Kindle to get to the point. Story wise, it’s probably my least favorite. I enjoyed it despite the whole Nora spiraling out of control thing. Her character comes across as super weak and needy throughout the whole series, but in this book, I couldn’t stand her. She was so annoying. I did like the flashback stories and Thomas working through his relationship with Pernila (sorry if I spelled her name wrong, I mostly listened to the book).
Have really enjoyed this series, but this was so contrived and obvious I almost put it down. The Nora story line was cringe worthy. Not sure if I’d read another.
I have enjoyed Viveca Stem’s books for several years, but I think this one might be her best. Her characters are so real and the plot keeps moving along to a satisfactory conclusion. As I once lived in Sweden, I really enjoy hearing the Swedish place names and customs of the country.
I enjoyed this book because it was about a cold case and the odds of solving it with so little evidence led the detectives and a stubborn prosecutor into a labyrinth of conflicting emotions as well as challenging evidence. It was a puzzle to solve. It was well written.


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