Burned By Dr. Rebecca Sharp

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Burned (Covington Security Book 4) By Dr. Rebecca Sharp


Book/Novel Author: Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Book/Novel Title: Burned



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A Top 10 Amazon bestseller in Romantic Suspense and Military Romance.From bestselling romantic suspense author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes a brother’s best friend, protector romance…Rocco Damiani has trust issues. It’s no wonder since he was given a burn notice by the CIA. No work history, no money, no connections. No identity. Not quite the fresh start he was looking for, but at least he has a good job and loyal friends.As Covington Security’s Systems Specialist, Roc’s clients know that their homes and businesses are safe in his hands. When the alarm is tripped at a seaside mansion in town, he goes to investigate and walks in to more than he bargained for—his teammate’s little sister.Carina Lozano is investigating a crime. She knows certain things about certain bad guys…but without certain proof, the only thing that’s certain is that she’s in trouble. Especially when she lies to the sexy security specialist who works with her older brother.Roc realizes there’s more to the story and wants to help. The good news? She lets him. The bad news? She’s still holding something back. But it’s not long before the case and their chemistry become explosive.Roc treads carefully because with a burned identity, he’s got nothing left to lose—except his heart. And when Carina finally offers him the truth, will he be able to trust her again?
Romance: ❤️❤️/5 Steam: /5 Story: ⭐️⭐️/5 Available on: Kindle Unlimited . Sucker for Instagram ads, yeah? This was a new to me author, and a mid series book that could be read as a standalone. The premise was intriguing enough – former CIA agent gets outed and left to the hands of a dangerous cartel, only to make it out alive and seeking the truth about what happened. He encounters the heroine while working for a friends security company on the down low. Sparks and intrigue ensues as they embark on dueling espionage missions – her uncovering financial secrets and him the truth about who betrayed him. This was also a best friends little sister / forbidden fruit trope. There was enough of a storyline that I powered through to see how the mystery played out, but it was slow at times, repetitive, and this hero was rather frustrating. There were a handful of steamy scenes, with course and explicit interplays, the whole “he has a monster pierced cock” things was a bit cringey. The other cringey description of the heroine’s deflowering was anatomically ridiculous, especially given the extent of their previous sexual encounters. Couldn’t help rolling my eyes there . MIGHT BE FOR YOU, but wasn’t for me.
Rocco and Carina’s story burns across the pages keeping you enthralled. I may or may not have been sneaking to read while at work.
Or maybe a scorching inferno. HE is deemed guilty and is wanted- by the government and by her (mostly by her). These two are super steamy. Their attraction is scalding and she likes to push every one of his buttons. Definitely could be triggering for some. He has different…..tastes and desired that cross a couple boundaries. It’s hawt.
First book I’ve read by this author, and I was pleasantly surprised. Characters are well-fleshed and polar opposites. Both are driven by their occupations and perform at the highest levels. Plot builds in multiple levels with angst abounding. I enjoyed the unraveling of the romantic relationship, the twists in the who-done-it, and the danger constantly building. Excellent editing means fluid and quick flow of ideas. I am impressed by this storyline and intend to read more of the author’s works. I’m sure you will enjoy it!!
I really liked this book. There is happily ever after. Rocco was burned by the government for something he didn’t do. He had nothing but his friends and his job. Carina came in and made him come back to life.
This is a wonderful story about a security team who come together to figure out who burned a former CIA agent who finds love along the way!


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