Burnout By Sean Platt

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Burnout By Sean Platt


Book/Novel Author: Sean Platt

Book/Novel Title: Burnout



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Cutter Dunn was born a ghost. Unchipped and unregistered, he exists as a nonperson, living off-the-grid, unrecognized by the facial recognition software built into every smart glass device that provides everyone with everything they want and need. According to the official system, he doesn’t even exist.He has the skills and out-of-the-box perspective to design the nuts-and-bolts mechanism for the next generation of driverless shipping vehicles. He’s also the kind of person that a massively wealthy and corrupt corporation can exploit and make disappear. And that was their big mistake.Because Cutter knows they can’t track what they can’t trace. And they won’t know what he’s planning until it hits them.Burnout is a new stand-alone science fiction thriller by masters of storytelling, Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant. If you like movies like Falling Down and Snatch, then you’ll love Burnout.
Did not enjoy the foul language.This was categorized as SciFi, but it was only mildly futuristic (AI, autonomous vehicles, and crypto).
This story describes a future that we will easily enter if we are not careful. It is already happening: the targeted and tailored advertising, the personal data mining, cash becoming less accepted, the government’s prying eyes and ears, the constant surveillance. While technology can make life easier, it can also make it a living hell.A great (and scary) read!

This could have been a better book. I like to reread my books but that will not happen to this one. one a good note I did make it through this one the first time.
This story provides why preppers and off gridders exist. Illegal surveillance is already here with businesses and government in each others pocket. This story shows what the future can be as long people demand convenience and lack of will to be thinking beings. Read it, learn the lesson.
Action! Neverending. A new world of impossible events woven into an exciting adventure. If this is only the beginning, i cannot wait to read what happens next.An adventure into a future yet to come. Five stars!!!


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