Cajole By Jenny Schwartz

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Cajole (The Adventures of a Xeno-Archaeologist Book 4) By Jenny Schwartz


Book/Novel Author: Jenny Schwartz

Book/Novel Title: Cajole



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If life on the border was complicated, life on Capitoline is insane. Nora and Liam struggle to reconcile her abilities and his duty, while caught up in the dangerous games of the powerful.Political intrigue, family drama, and ancient alien technology combine in the fourth novel of the Human Sector.
This is a great series quite suitable for YA but just a fun read for anyone. Girl from the slums bootstraps herself to greatness with help and pays it forward. Alien AIs, lost civilizations, challenges tidily resolved and new ones on the horizon. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
A winding storyline combining both the stories of adventurers who suddenly become extremely wealthy and are plunged into the vitriolic life of royalty in all their devious plots to get power and riches.
Now I have to be patient! Oh man this book was excellent I couldn’t stop reading. I can’t wait for the next one and I’m so excited! Excellent series!!! Also, hugs back to the author in form of this review ♥️
This is not the type of book I normally read and I can honestly say each I have read were wonderful! So well written with complex plots and strongly developed characters. I will now follow this author and cannot wait until the next book is released in June. Thank you for taking me on this journey!!!!
This is a book about families, power and how to wield it, aliens, and what happens when you trap humans. This is a very well thought out universe with clear implications. The plot, settings, and characters all came across as real and immediate. I will definitely read the next book in the series.
Planet bound, but still a lot of action and intrigue . Nora is trying to convince the powers that be, that the burrs are something more. Love the story and characters


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4.9/5309 ratings