Can You Take a Juke? By Jerry Boyd

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Can You Take a Juke? (Bob and Nikki Book 23) By Jerry Boyd


Book/Novel Author: Jerry Boyd

Book/Novel Title: Can You Take a Juke?



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Bob thought BSR might be able to do some business with Homm and his people. Turns out he was wrong, but their ancestors had left knowledge the company could use. Watch the crew try to recover the knowledge, without getting mixed up in their troubles. Of course, Bob picks up another apprentice for Scotti along the way.
Read all 23 books can’t wait for the next one! The adventure continues. Left me with a yearning for more
A fun read. Kept me up longer than I’d planned. There’s never a good place to stop, nor do I want to
Fast paced and tongue in cheek humor. Jerry Boyd does a good job on keeping the action and story moving. Great job.
The conversation gets a little boring sometimes but over all as good book . One two three four five six seven
Very fun series. Not for reading after dinner unless you plan to stay up late. Fast paced and well written
I have been following this series for a long time and have been anxiously awaiting every new book in the series. However, this book was lacking. I have loved the previous books but this one seemed like a filler until the next book took shape. How about an archeological dig with baffling tech or finally finding a home base and the building of it? Another possibility could be the continuing adventures of Gus and Becky. They invent something maybe?


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