Canvassing a Cowboy By Daisy Gold

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Canvassing a Cowboy: An Older Man Younger BBW Romance (Real Good Men of Oklahoma Book 7) By Daisy Gold


Book/Novel Author: Daisy Gold

Book/Novel Title: Canvassing a Cowboy

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The Sumner family sticks together come hell or high water, so it’s no surprise when I’m summoned home to Wilkes to work on my brother’s election campaign. It’s also not my idea of a good time. Neither is going door-to-door on behalf of my mother’s favorite child ( *hint: it’s not me* ). 
Canvassing is bad enough when there’s a fifty-fifty shot a voter will like your candidate. It’s pure torture when your target isn’t a fan. Ian Meyer is gruff, grouchy, and definitely not Team Sumner. But he’s also the president of the local Cattlemen’s League, and his endorsement would carry a lot of weight in the ranching community. When I venture out to Ian’s ranch in an ill-fated attempt to win him over, I’m expecting him to give me a hard time. I’m not expecting the biggest, hottest, hunkiest, most foul-mouthed cowboy I’ve ever met. 
There are a lot of things that might keep us apart: a century-old family feud, my mother’s bad behavior, or even the simple fact that Ian is a lot older than I am. But when he’s not out cussing broken farm machinery or storming into election headquarters, Ian is sweet and protective and more honest with me than anyone else in my life, and I want to be with him long after the votes are cast.
Never trust a Sumner. It’s a lesson I learned early in life, reinforced by every encounter I’ve ever had with that family. Most recently, their sleazy son saw fit to sell out a few area ranchers. Not a wise move in Wilkes. I’ve sent his campaign volunteers packing before, so when an angel shows up at my place asking to talk, I’m not expecting another of Carter Sumner’s lackeys, much less his sister. Disappointment is a bitter pill. 
But most people are more than they appear to be. It doesn’t take long to figure out that Adeline is talented, courageous, smart, sweet, and all kinds of curvy.  She’s also just as unhappy with her family as I am, and I’ll do everything in my power to set her free.
Short enough to read in one sitting and long enough to satisfy, this trope-tastic, over-the-top little dual POV standalone is sweet, steamy, and full of old-fashioned cowboy nobility and goodness. ***The love is insta, and the ending is HEA guaranteed.***

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