Captured for Love By Ella Goode

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Captured for Love By Ella Goode


Book/Novel Author: Ella Goode

Book/Novel Title: Captured for Love



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With no savings and a job with a bunch of handsy lawyers, Dove’s small apartment in a shabby neighborhood is her only retreat. Despite her sister’s advice to move out and marry up, Dove plans to be single forever. If she did hook up with someone, it would be a man in her neighborhood who was of modest means and kind temperament, a man who wouldn’t abandon his poor pregnant mistress, a man the exact opposite of her wealthy father. 
Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Jay has spent the last decade roamingaround the world, shooting wolves in Siberia and lost cities in the desert. Back home, he prepares to put together a photo essay for his publisher but his plans are sidetracked when he spots curvy, gorgeous Dove outside of her apartment. The next thing he knows, he’s living across the hall from her in an apartment where nothing works. When he learns of her aversion to rich men, he knows he’ll have to hide his background or he’ll never be able to capture her love.


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