Change With Me By Kristen Proby

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Change With Me: A With Me in Seattle Novella By Kristen Proby


Book/Novel Author: Kristen Proby

Book/Novel Title: Change With Me



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From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes an all new novella set in her beloved With Me In Seattle series!Zane Cooper. Hollywood royalty. Fourth generation superstar. He knows what it is to be one of the biggest celebrities in the world. And how lonely that title truly is. When scandal hits, his career hangs in the balance, and Zane flees LA for Seattle, laying low with his newly married best friend. Things will eventually blow over, and he’ll have his life back soon enough.Aubrey Stansfield arrives in Seattle excited to start a new job, and eager to settle into her new home. But when she arrives at her rental, Aubrey’s sure she’s imagining things because the uber sexy Zane Cooper is unpacking in her new bedroom. Thanks to a rental snafu, and unwilling to relocate on such short notice, Aubrey and Zane are thrust into being roommates.Aubrey is about as average as a woman gets, so what could the megastar possibly see in her? She tells herself she’s not interested, despite their undeniable chemistry. But Zane is very persuasive, and soon Aubrey finds herself playing house with the most recognized man on the planet. Deep down, she knows it’s all a fantasy. He’ll head back to his posh lifestyle soon and leave her behind. No way could she fall in love with him.But love doesn’t always follow the rules…**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**
I really enjoyed this one. Zane and Aubrey might have been from two different worlds, but they made it work. Loved the rock, paper, scissors game they played.
Love this short read about zane . Hide out in Seattle from a scandle . My condo is over booked . Let Aubrey stay . Will I get an HEA?
Really enjoyed this novella about how a bad boy movie star discovers not just love but his true self when he is sent away because he once again creation issues with fans.I mean doesn’t;t everyone wake up drunk with a pig in their car? I really enjoyed this book like a movie enjoyed.
Superstar actor Zane Cooper needs to get out of Hollywood for a while in the wake of a major scandal, so he decides to head to Seattle where his best friend Sabrina Harrison is now living with her husband Ben. At the same time, elementary school teacher Aubrey Stansfield is moving to Seattle from Arizona for a new job. Their worlds collide when a shady landlord leases them the same condo for six months. Aubrey can’t afford to find another place to live and Zane doesn’t want to because of the condo’s great location near Sabrina and Ben’s house, so they reluctantly become roommates. Surprisingly, they also become friends, but is there a possibility for something more between them? I enjoyed this story, but I think it would have been even better as a full-length novel. Aubrey and Zane were both such interesting characters and I wanted to know more about them, but the story’s short format didn’t allow for much in the way of character development. For example, why did Aubrey believe that she was so plain, and why didn’t Zane speak to his family anymore? Even without knowing the answers to those questions, I liked both Zane and Aubrey and thought they made a good couple. Everything about their relationship just felt so easy and it was clear that they belonged together despite their drastically different backgrounds. I recommend “Change with Me” for all fans of contemporary romance and look forward to the next book in this series.
Zane Cooper finds himself embroiled in a scandal that could ruin his very successful acting career (including having won an Oscar). His manager then advises him to disappear for a few months while the lawyers sort everything out. He leaves LA for Seattle, where his best friend, the actress Sabrina Harrison, lives with her husband, personal trainer and gym owner Ben. Zane rents a simple but furnished house facing the sea for six months, but shortly after his arrival, someone else enters his room! Aubrey Stansfield drove for hours from Arizona and was dying to rest and prepare for her new job: teaching an elementary school. But upon entering the rental property for the next month, she bumps into a man, not just anyone but movie star Zane Cooper. An error by the landlord has caused the two of them to rent the house, and neither of them wants to give up the view of the sea. The way is to share the house, each one in a room. The temporary coexistence ends up being beneficial and fun. Plus, for Aubrey it was such a sight for sore eyes to have Zane so close. Zane found it refreshing to have a woman who didn’t treat him any differently despite his fame and fortune. And when they least realize it, magic happens. But would it have a future? A short, romantic (always!) and fun book. 4,5 stars
There is only one problem with this story, it’s too dang short! Zane and Aubrey are so adorable! I loved it from start to finish.


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