Chaos God 4 By Eric Vall

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Chaos God 4 By Eric Vall


Book/Novel Author: Eric Vall

Book/Novel Title: Chaos God 4



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The stuff of nightmares is lurking in the massive chasm to the north. Every night, their howling shrieks grow louder, and we’re running out of time before whatever it is that’s down there breaks free.But my loyal warriors and women would follow me into the bowels of Hell if I asked them to.And I thrive on this sort of chaos.So it’s time to take the biggest risks to reap the biggest rewards.

I am beginning to suspect that Levi is Odin reborn not loki. All the hints seem to lean to looking but I am unsure.
This story has taken many twist and turns during the series of books I’ve read seems that Levi has managed to finally put a few important things to rest but judging by the cryptic messages he has been receiving it looks as though he has plenty of excitement to go. Until next book we wait for the answers.
This was a bit confusing great nonetheless it’s still early Val tend keep series around the twenty mark so this series will likely get pretty intense

The big plot twist I figured out in the early going of book one, but it’s a quality read and well worth the effort to get theough


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4.9/5309 ratings