Chaos Quarter By David Welch

Chaos Quarter: Wrath of the Hegemons (The Chaos Quarter, Book 4) by David Welch

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Book/Novel Author: David Welch

Book/Novel Title: Chaos Quarter

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Once before Rex Vahl tangled with the Perfected Hegemony, a reclusive superpower of genetic supremacists so altered that some question if they’re any longer human. He and his crew barely survived the experience. Even since then the threat of them has lurked in the back of his mind, growing…When ordered to make contract with the nations bordering Hegemon space, Rex is understandably hesitant, and expecting trouble for his crew. What he did not expect to find was a full-blown war of annihilation. The Hegemons are no longer reclusive. In fact, now that the universe knows who they are, they have done a complete one-eighty and launched invasions of the only neighboring nations capable of resisting them: the Achaean Confederacy, and Valhalla Free State. Worlds have been conquered, billions have died, and now Rex finds himself and his crew right in the middle of it. When an attempt to rescue an Achaean ship ends with them all trapped on a besieged world, Rex must throw in with his new allies to try and find a way out. Outnumbered and cut-off, desperate options are all they have left. A victory could turn the tide of the entire war, but a defeat could cripple the last military forces of these beleaguered nations, leaving the whole galaxy open to invasion. But what choice remains? Their enemy takes no prisoners, only exterminates and replaces. Against such a foe what else can Rex do but risk it all challenging the wrath of the Hegemons…

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