Checkmate By Michael Anderle

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Checkmate (The Kurtherian Endgame Book 11) By Michael Anderle


Book/Novel Author: Michael Anderle

Book/Novel Title: Checkmate



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The end is nigh for either humanity or the ascensionists. Who will be left to pick up the pieces?Gödel has made her final move and the future of Irth hangs in the balance. How far is Bethany Anne willing to go to prevent Kurtherian victory?If you don’t already know, then you haven’t been paying attention…The Queen Bitch returns to the planet of her birth and gathers the heroes who rose up to defend Irth in her absence. Meanwhile, the Federation is under attack from all sides.While Bethany Anne’s rage scorches the Irth, Lance gets to experience the unity he always dreamed of as the Federation factions unite. Long awaited family reunions must take place under the shadow of the final war.Old faces and new come together to fight for what is theirs……and no one is immune from the consequences of war.Scroll up and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE now so you don’t miss out on the universe-shattering conclusion to The Kurtherian Gambit and The Kurtherian Endgame.
Unless you have read the numerous spin-off series that have spawned from the original Kurtherian Gambit, you will be lost in this book. There are more spin-off books related to KU than there are actul KU books. The fact that M. Anderle took this long to finish the series, yet leave himself room to write more through the spin-offs, is a step by step recipe in how to exploit your fans. I did not like this ending. I love Emily Beresford. An excellent narrator who brought BA to life. But overall I am done with Anderle.
As always a badass story ! Bethany Ann is amazing on every level! Though I love all the characters! Hope that we will get to read more of her tails!
Well I have been waiting for the last book for some time and it did not disappoint. Michael masterfully pulled all of the different series and characters together into the last book. It was well paced and he did a good job of closing the different loose ends. He even left it open for a possible future return after stepping away for some well deserved R&R. Very that I managed to read all of the series. Well done.
I liked a lot of this book and the saga came to a satisfying end. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that there were many other characters from other Kurtherian Universe books that were included (that I haven’t read) who I didn’t recognize, so it was hard to keep track of them all. No list of all the characters and a short synopsis was included and I asked myself quite often ” who is that again? “. All the storylines were muddled together a bit.
Thanks for the ride sir, it’s been an amazing joy to read and reread this series. This was a fantastic end!
This is the greatest ending for these series. As expected, Mr. Anderson, from the first book to the last, you have delivered. I’ve kept up with all your novels from the first time I picked up the first one. You have never failed to deliver. I look forward to your continuing career as a novelist.


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