Children of Fear By Jonathan Brooks

Children of Fear: A Paranormal LitRPG Dungeon Core (Spirit Core Book 2) by Jonathan Brooks

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Book/Novel Author: Jonathan Brooks

Book/Novel Title: Children of Fear

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  • After successfully completing his objective inside the house in South Carolina, the transformed soul of serial killer Clive Logan was randomly transported to another location as his reward. Something about the new house he found himself in was quite different, however; whereas the Spirit Core had previously “haunted” a house filled with only adult targets, two children that apparently lived in the new location – a young boy and a slightly older girl – were thrown into the mix. As an emotionally absent serial killer, he didn’t care that they were children – he would kill them if that was his objective. Fortunately for them, Clive soon learned that instead of killing the two young kids, he needed to leave them alone because their innocent souls were essentially off-limits. At the same time, the FEAR-based attacks that had worked so well for the Spirit Core in South Carolina were practically useless against the parental protective instincts the two adults in the house possessed. This made them more fearful for their children than they were for themselves, negating the majority of the FEAR he would normally generate. Luckily, there was a solution for that. While harming or killing the children was forbidden, recruiting them to Clive’s side was not only allowed, but encouraged; if the attacks on their parents came from them instead of the Spirit Core, none of their protective instincts would kick in. A simple solution – but working alongside children was never something he had prior experience with, nor did he count himself as much of a team player. To succeed in his new objective, however, serial killer Clive Logan was going to have to rely on a couple of kids who liked dinosaurs, cars, and unicorns… Warning: No children are physically hurt in this book, though the ones integral to the story are affected in other (mental and emotional) ways. This is also the tale of a serial killer doing what serial killers do, so if you are opposed to either of these warnings, turn back now… Contains LitRPG/GameLit aspects such as statistics and leveling, as well as Dungeon Core elements

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