Chosen by Villains By Eva Chase

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Chosen by Villains (The Heart of a Monster Book 1) By Eva Chase


Book/Novel Author: Eva Chase

Book/Novel Title: Chosen by Villains



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Three brutal monsters came to my rescue. Now who’s going to save me from them?Every beat of my heart is the tick of a time bomb, reminding me to squeeze as many thrills out of life as I can. Still, the last thing I expect is a horde of nightmarish monsters descending on me in the night, eager to tear me apart.So when three more demonic figures leap out of the shadows to defend me, my choices are trust my unexpected champions… or die. Not exactly a tough decision.The beastly men wrench me away from my home, claiming they’ll keep me safe. They say there’s something special about me—something the others want to devour and they mean to protect.My monstrous saviors are just as brutal as the creatures they fought off, damaged in ways I’ll never understand. I can tell they’re hiding things from me. But the more we dig into the mysteries surrounding my existence, the more I catch glimpses of tenderness beneath their vicious exteriors.And the touch of their fangs and tentacles makes me feel so shockingly alive, it’s hard to remember why I ever feared them…Until I discover the real reason they’re protecting me.
The female main character starts out pretty cool. However, she ends up acting really weak. The male main characters are interesting, but not very strong. Basically, everyone seems a bit weak and pathetic. It could definitely be building up to a redemption arc, but so far they’re just scrambling.
If anyone sees my profile lol they know I very ever RARELY give 5 stars and I was pleasantly surprised to find this series.I’ve tried other Eva Chase works and found it too juvenile for my taste, but I’m so glad I took a chance on this one.It’s rare to find a book I can finish, let alone an unfinished series I am actually anticipating. IF I manage to finish and like the first book, it’s even RARER for me to actually enjoy and finish the second, bc I too often find myself just not interested enough to continue, for whatever reason – the plot is predictable, the second book is just the same old conflict/tension rehashed where the same characters go through the same vicious cycle from the first book.But not only did I DEVOUR the second book, I CANNOT wait for the third/conclusion of the series. I’ll continue more on my review of the second book.I absolutely enjoyed Quinn and her 3 monsters – Torrent Lance and Crag. Do note that a lot of them are more beastial/monstery than the regular man.My heart absolutely goes out to Torrent, and wish the author finds a way to heal his injuries so if it can’t be completely whole, at least it will no longer PAIN him. It just breaks my heart to see him in continual pain day in and day out
This book was an amazing introduction to the world Eva Chase has built. The right balance of adventure, conflict and growth with the characters makes it a tasty treat. Enjoy.
I am new to the monster romance world, but I really enjoyed this one and the way that monsters/magic work in this world. I am jazzed to read another reverse harem and I can’t wait to see what happens in the second book.
Urban FantasyMultiple RealmsSpicy Character GrowthStrong FMCExcited for book two after that cliff hanger
This book took a little longer to draw me in than the Flirting with Monsters series. The cabin sequence seemed to last forever. After that it picked up and really drew me in. I love Quinn and her men, monsterous features and all. The appearance of Sorsha and crew was fun. Overall a wonderful monster romance, with a bit of a slow start. Looking forward to reading book two.


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