City Girl vs Country Boy By Jordan Ford

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City Girl vs Country Boy By Jordan Ford


Book/Novel Author: Jordan Ford

Book/Novel Title: City Girl vs Country Boy

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A kind boy. A grief-stricken girl. A chance for love neither expected…

“You know that elusive book hangover we all long for? Jordan delivers that and so much more with City Girl vs Country Boy.” – Amazon reviewer

HARPER: I’ve just lost everything. My grand plan for college with my best friends has gone up in smoke. I have to look after my siblings now. I’m all they’ve got left.

My parents stated in their will that they want Beck to look after us on his farm.
But why?
We haven’t seen him in years.
Now two orphaned families are supposed to squish into his crusty old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere?
Five grieving teenagers. This isn’t going to work.

But I’ll go. Just for a couple of weeks.
That’s what Mum and Dad would want me to do.

What I don’t expect is for Tane to still be living on the farm.
He’s grown up now.
He’s gorgeous.
I don’t have room in my life for this kind of attraction, this pull of desire.
But his kind eyes and big heart are going to make it impossible for me to resist him.

He told me this land can heal my pain… if only I’ll stay.

City Girl vs. Country Boy is the first book in the Forever Love sweet YA contemporary romance series. If you like powerful attractions, emotional twists and turns, and heart-wrenching family drama, then you’ll adore Jordan Ford’s touching novel.

Buy City Girl vs Country Boy to find strength in friendship today!

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????? “This was so much more than a country boy meets city girl teen romance.” 

????? “This is the perfect beginning to this new Jordan Ford’s series.” 

???? “You know that elusive book hangover we all long for? Jordan delivers that and so much more with City Girl vs Country Boy.” 

?????”From laughs to deep sorrow this book had me crying one moment and cracking up the next. How do we deal with grief…every person is different and I appreciate so much the grace with which this story is written.” 

????? “What an absolutely glorious start to a new series! The emotional rollercoaster is complemented by terrific character development, believable plot twists, some truly exceptional dialogue and wonderful world-building. Jordan Ford is a truly talented young-adult fiction author and has produced yet another must-read novel.” 

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