City of Scars By JD Kirk

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City of Scars: A Scottish Crime Novel (DCI Logan Crime Thrillers Book 14) By JD Kirk


Book/Novel Author: JD Kirk

Book/Novel Title: City of Scars



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Some scars never truly heal.Life has been slowly improving for DCI Jack Logan lately. Happily settled down with the woman of his dreams and a dog he begrudgingly tolerates, things are finally going Jack’s way.But, could all that be about to change?When a sadistic killer begins picking off victims on the streets of Inverness, Jack’s boss decides to bring in some outside help. But the new team member is an old flame from Jack’s past who isn’t quite ready to let him go.And, as the dead bodies rack up, the Happily Ever After that Jack has been building for himself might just be the next victim to fall…City of Scars is the 14th books in the multi-million selling DCI Logan Scottish crime fiction series. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, LJ Ross, and Stuart MacBride.”With gripping, twisty-turny plots, unforgettable characters, and a rich vein of laugh-out-loud humour running throughout, if you haven’t yet discovered the DCI Logan series, get started now!” – Thrilling Fiction
Two very successful young Asian men are murdered and their genitals mangled. The detectives are on the case, but DCI Logan is suffering flu. A new person is brought in to head up the investigation, but it turns out to be an old flame of Logan’s, which doesn’t please Shona at all. What’s worse, she seems to be flirting with Logan and deliberately antagonizing Shona. Something odd is going on with Sinead as well. Ben has a date with the last person any of the crew would expect. The crime is solved after following up on a long list of suspects, and the personal lives of the characters moves on.
Another excellent adventure for DCI Logan and the gang with everything we expect: gruesome murders, Tyler chiming in with “cheers, boss,” Hamza juggling work and personal responsibilities, Shona’s Pots o’ Noodles, a visit from Olivia Maximuke, and a teaser for the next Hoon book.
These books in this series grab you from the first page. DCI Logan and his group of cops will make you laugh and keep you in just the right amount of suspense. Great Book! Awesome series!
JD Kirk never fails to write a really good crime thriller. His characters are so well written, I feel like I know them. He never seems to run out of ways to murder the victims. I hope to read about DCI Logan for a good long time.
This may be a DCI Logan series but the whole team are stars! Ain’t gonna lie cried a bit but laughed a lot! I think the next book should have an American space detective named Cal Carver and his crew help with a case!!!!
This was really really good. I laughed and cried!! Even the perpetrator was a true mystery until the end. Excellent!!! Life and a whodunnit in the mix. Again a great story!!!


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4.9/5309 ratings