Claimed by the Barbarian Dragon By Terry Bolryder

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Claimed by the Barbarian Dragon (Crystals, Curves and Castles Book 1) By Terry Bolryder


Book/Novel Author: Terry Bolryder

Book/Novel Title: Claimed by the Barbarian Dragon



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Marked by a monster, protected by a dragon…whether she likes it or not.Konar, a conquering barbarian dragon who just escaped imprisonment in modern Texas, is furious with the world. Nothing can stop him from wreaking havoc with his vengeance. Nothing, that is, except for one curvy human woman who is brought to him seeking help. His dragon claims ‘mate’ at first sight, but conquering Konar only knows one thing. The human is marked by another, but she is his, and he will protect her at all costs.Curvy crystal lover Mara has read dragon romance all her life, but nothing could have prepared her for meeting the real deal, or for Konar to kidnap her and put her in a literal cage after she turns down his protection. But after a failed escape shows her a new side to the infuriatingly overprotective and ridiculously gorgeous man, she finds herself slowly falling for a dragon king. One who wants her as his mate, and whose touch sets her on fire, and who even can be tender at times, when he’s not planning to burn her world down.As Konar and Mara await the monster coming and watch the countdown mark on her hand, they can’t help but be drawn together in hotter ways than either of them ever imagined. Between steamy moments beneath the cherry blossoms and adventures in the human world, Mara is starting to wish for a life with her barbarian dragon. But what’s coming for them is worse than either of them imagines, and if Konar can’t change his stone heart, the world, and their lives, may be lost.Warning: Contains scorching hot dragon love, an extremely persistent but protective barbarian, and a sweet curvy heroine who will melt your heart.
Mara is talking to her 2 friend’s about meeting shifters when something weird happens to her arm. She calls the Double Dragons for help but they are swamped with work. So they awaken a barbarian dragon Konar to help protect her. He is bitterly angry that he was put to sleep for 100 years and ready to conquer the human world, but something about Mara tugs at him. The mark on her arm means that a very bad being is coming for her and only he is strong enough to protect her. She doesn’t want his help if he is just going to conquer her world. How can he keep her safe, which is becoming increasingly important to him?The pace is breakneck and the tone is uncertain yet hopeful with a character oriented storyline that has some action and some very steamy scenes. The characters are vibrant and engaging. You can read this story on its own, but you will get much more out of t if you read the series in order from the beginning. For me it all starts with the Double Dragons box set and then the Tiger Protectors box set. These have 2 on 1 in a mutual respectful way. Or you can start with the Awakened Dragons box set, followed by the Rent-a-Dragon box set, the Date-a-Dragon box set, the Awakened Sea Dragons box set, Dragon Guards of Drakkaris box set, the Nightmare Dragons series, Frozen Dragons series, Club Crimson series, Bad Dragons box set special edition, Forgotten Dragons series, Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds series, Reclaimed Dragons series, Rogue Dream Fae series, Texas Dragons series and the Big Bad Basilisks series before this! Whether you start with this story or back at the beginning, you will be reading stories with strong alpha males and the strong women who claim them with some action and good character development! Enjoy!

The book was a unexpectedly good It was very very hot It kept me glue to the very end It started out very cute And then surprise
I like how characters from other books drop in and or are main characters. Nice character development and if you’ve read any of her books the world she imagines just keeps developing. Two thumbs up and I’m waiting for the next one…
I really loved this book. The story was so good, & honestly who wouldn’t want to have a barbarian dragon of their very own.
I really enjoyed this book. Wasn’t sure at first but the more I read the more I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one.


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