Claimed by the Dragon King By Riley Storm

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Claimed by the Dragon King By Riley Storm


Book/Novel Author: Riley Storm

Book/Novel Title: Claimed by the Dragon King

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**What do you do, when everything you’ve been taught is a lie?**
As the newest member of the Mage Council, Kyla Langston is sent on a mission to House Draconis to find out why the shifters have united. She’s not looking forward to spending any time with the savage brutes until she meets the Dragon King. He challenges everything she’s ever been told about his kind. Instead of running away from him, she wants to run right into his arms instead. Torn between two worlds, she doesn’t know how to honor the Council’s wishes while also honoring her heart’s desire.
Galen never asked to be King of House Draconis. As if dealing with the vampire menace isn’t enough, he’s also stuck contending with a gorgeous, but bristly, mage. Kyla is unlike anyone he’s ever known. She’s smart, cunning, and possesses all of the qualities he’d want in a mate. But he’ll never cross that line with her. Years ago, he promised himself he’d never forgive the mages for what they did, and nothing she can do will make him change his mind.
As the tension between the mages and shifters comes to a head, they must navigate generations of hatred and mistrust to come together to save their people. They barely trust each other, but as they work together to fight the vampires, their fiery relationship might be exactly what they need to save themselves from extinction. **

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