Claimed by the Dragon Lord By Miranda Bailey

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Claimed by the Dragon Lord By Miranda Bailey


Book/Novel Author: Miranda Bailey

Book/Novel Title: Claimed by the Dragon Lord

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Parallel universes don’t exist.
They don’t.
So why is there a god-like man that claims to be a dragon lord in my bathroom?
With a portal to another dimension?
He says that without me trillions will die.
His people are dying out, they can’t breed and want to try with the people of another world, but it’s not working.
I just want to go home but first, he tells me, I have to teach his people how to…date?
With him as my pupil, I may never want to go back home, but what if I fail?
Can I handle the fate that awaits the people in the other worlds if I fail?
And am I just Adakan’s teacher, or is this something more, much more?
Claimed by the Dragon Lord is a paranormal romance full of mysterious parallel universes, alpha males, and is intended for those 18+. It is book one in a two-book series, so it ends with an HFN.

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