Claimed by the Mountain Man By Gemma Weir

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Claimed by the Mountain Man (Montana Mountain Men Book 4) By Gemma Weir


Book/Novel Author: Gemma Weir

Book/Novel Title: Claimed by the Mountain Man



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Infuriating, sexy and seemingly everywhere, Penn Barnett is far too sexy for his own good. It seems like every woman in Rockhead Point has had a taste of the mountain man, and I can definitely see the appeal.When I literally fall into his orbit, he tells me I’m his the moment our eyes meet. But my life is anything but simple, and right now I just don’t have the time or energy for another complication in my world… no matter how hot he is.Only he isn’t prepared to take no for an answer… and he’s determined to make me his.Now he’s everywhere I am, following me home and trying to take over my life. But I’m not the only woman who wants to be claimed by him and his ex has open access to my life, especially when I’m staying in her mom’s house.If I’m his and he’s mine, how come everything is trying to tear us apart? He wants to claim me, and I might want that too, but my life isn’t my own, and for the first time ever… the Barnett brothers’ legacy might not be as powerful as real life.
Oh My! I’ve volunteered to review this book for United Indie Book Blog. Claimed by The Mountain Man is the fourth part in the Montana Mountain Man series. This is Penn and Lulu’s story. Lulu has come to live in the small-town Montana, trying to make a new life. Penn has watched his brothers find true love and is ready to find that for himself. And when he sees Lulu he just knows that she’s the one he’s been waiting for. Penn is confident, loyal, and sexy alpha male. Lulu is a strong female lead who really holds her ground. I love the banter between them. I’m definitely going back and read the ones before this one. Can’t wait to read more from this series. A must READ! Keep up the good work.
When Lulu bumps into Penn, literally, he’s instantly clear that he’s met her, “the one.” “I own you, Lulu, I have since the moment I laid my eyes on you and I will for the rest of both of our lives. I’ll never let you go, never let you leave me, never let you run. We’re end game, Kitten.” New to town, a bit jaded, and singularly focused, Lulu has no interest in men. That is if she can ignore his “thermonuclear good looks” and his alphahole demeanor she secretly craves. Claimed by the Mountain Man follows their budding relationship amid a myriad unexpected struggles. “Kitten, I’ve been in love with you since the moment I saw you. Doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of my feelings for you, but I suppose it’s a good place to start. I adore you, admire you, cover you, crave you. I want to shield you, care for you, protect you. I want to own you, consume you, corrupt you. Love is only four letters that could never truly convey how my very being starts and ends with you.“ Being back in Rockhead Point in the Barnett compound atop the mountain, seeing slices of life from our past couples was great. Each Barnett boy is swoonier but Han the last and I can’t wait to watch the rest of them fall like dominoes! Genre: Contemporary Romance ✨ Tropes: OTT J/P Alphahole, Instalove, Breeding Kink, Praise Kink, Breath Play ⚠️ Safety Squad: Mild OW Drama ⛔️ Warning: This book/series may cause blushing, squirming, combusting pantries, and/or self-care. It’s definitely NSFW or with a kiddo by your side. In fact, I would highly recommend you read this one after dark to avoid side eye or awkward conversations. Claimed by the Mountain Man is part of the Montana Mountain Man series, but no other books need to be read. There’s a HEA and CBTMM can be read as a standalone.
My goodness this is sweet. I’m not big on the single parent trope but I’m so hooked on this series that I had to read. Penn is amazing and it was definitely a good spicy read.
I’ll start by saying that everyone knows these books are not reality, and that I’m the real world would basically be like a handbook for identifying relationship red flags . These men are completely over the top crude and ridiculously possessive. They literally meet their women and essentially kidnap them (some quite literally). They would be behind bars in the real world. But they don’t live in the real world, so they are deliciously ridiculous and a guilty pleasure read. And oh Penn….. his world was rocked when Lulu literally ran into him. And then again when he met her daughter Poppy. He was 100% all in from the first glance. She half heartedly fought him, but in Barnett fashion he allowed “no space, no distance”. I swear, this series! One minute I’m laughing, then rolling my eyes at the audacity, then fanning myself from the . I cannot wait to see the rest of the brothers fall! (Do have to point out some editing errors, which irritate me. Also I snickered at the terms that show a non-American author wrote it. I guarantee no mountain man would be asking Lulu what she fancies for lunch although I wish more people did!)
Gemma is becoming my favorite author. This is another great one of another brother. Can’t wait for the next!
I would give this one a 3.8 star, and being the fourth book in this series by Ms. Weir; it is already to be expected that the Penn is going to be a jealous, possessive Alpha male who just KNOWS when the right woman, HIS woman, is in front of his face. While it may be an instalove on his part, it takes a little more convincing on Lulu’s part. Penn and Lulu have a STEAMY, possessive sexual relation. He takes control and she isn’t sure what to do with it. Lulu is a very strong willed female who has dreams and aspirations that she wants to achieve. There is absolute attraction between them, but with Lulu’s life; and new job she just doesn’t have time or a want for Penn in her life. Barnett boys don’t work this way though. Like in other reviews that I have made for Ms. Weir’s work, this book is full of spice and steamy scenes. With that also comes the need to state one should proceed with caution. Sexual scenes are sprinkled liberally throughout the book, and if that isn’t something you enjoy this book is not for you. If you don’t enjoy possessive, borderline abusive, behavior this is definitely not the book for you. This is a definite recommendation from me, especially if they like take control/give up control type sexual relations; but a strong female outside the bedroom this would be a good read.


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