Claw And Order By Leighann Dobbs

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Claw And Order (Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series Book 8) By Leighann Dobbs


Book/Novel Author: Leighann Dobbs

Book/Novel Title: Claw And Order



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Bookstore owner Willa Chance had no idea that a magical key was hidden in the old recipe book that she sold to food blogger Mary Ashford.Luckily the key is now safely tucked away in a box high on a shelf in the bookstore…. or is it?Feline sleuth Pandora needs Willa’s help to make sure that key doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This time she’ll have to take drastic measures to break through the barrier that has stopped her from communicating with her human… even if she has to take a chance on one of Pepper St. Onge’s enchanted teas. The teas are known to have unpredictable results, but Pandora is desperate and what could be worse than the threat to Mystic Notch?The results of drinking the tea are worse than Pandora could have ever imagined. But not worse than murder. Which is exactly what happens to Mary Ashford. And if Pandora and Willa don’t figure out who is behind this, Mary won’t be the only one who ends up dead.Read more
I love this book series, everyone of them has something different but this last one it’s simply amazing and very entertaining and funny!

I have enjoyed all the books in the series I’ve read eight of them so far they’re excellent and I love the cats
I liked getting back to Mystic Notch.It’s been awhile for me.. I love the mystery and I am glad to see the cats. Read this one.
Leighann Dobbs makes me happy! I enjoy reading her books with my cats snoozing around me. Truly enjoyable writing! Highly recommend for fun reading
I was glad to see another book in this series and (spoiler alert) Willa can finally communicate with Pandora! Such a fun series!


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