Claws and Flame By Amelia Fox

Claws and Flame (Tales From Eclipse) by Amelia Fox

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Book/Novel Author: Amelia Fox

Book/Novel Title: Claws and Flame

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For a town full of supernaturals, Eclipse stays surprisingly quiet and under the radar. At least, it did… until the murders began. Molly Carter may be a regular human, but she’s lived in Eclipse all her life. She gave up on finding the guy or girl of her dreams a while ago– she doesn’t have time to date anyway, between running a veterinary clinic and helping the local sheriff with any creature-related mysteries that happen to arise. Then a tourist turns up dead and all signs point to a supernatural culprit. To complicate matters, a sexy stranger named Adrian DuRocher arrives in town on that very same day. Molly feels strangely drawn to Adrian, but shape-shifting abilities aren’t the only thing that Adrian is hiding and Molly’s crush might just be the dangerous suspect they’re looking for. Worse still, the next mysterious murder draws the attention of the FBI. And when Special Agent Matt Foster shows up in Eclipse, he’s as distractingly handsome as he is determined to expose the secrets of the town. Molly must find a way to protect her supernatural neighbors and solve the murders while juggling her confusing feelings for Adrian and Agent Foster. If she doesn’t find the killer in time, it could mean the destruction of Eclipse and everything she’s ever known…

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