Coaxing the Roughneck By Jessa Kane

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Coaxing the Roughneck By Jessa Kane


Book/Novel Author: Jessa Kane

Book/Novel Title: Coaxing the Roughneck



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Cindy just inherited an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf. Selling it will give her enough money to move into an apartment without leaks or loud parties downstairs—not to mention, some cash will help jump start her landscaping business. There’s one king sized problem, however. His name is Butch. He hasn’t left the engine room of the oil rig in years. And he’s not about to vacate now. Luckily, Cindy has a plan for coaxing big, bad Butch up to the surface of the rig. Temptation. But they don’t call Butch a roughneck for nothing—and she’s about to get a lot more than she bargained for.
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An unexpected inheritance comes with a 7-foot complication. It’s OTT the way these two react to one another, and they create the kind of steam that obliterates reason and logic. Not much character to develop, but the story gets the HEA job, done.
Love the story line. The only thing I did not like were the few instances of inconsistencies. Ex. She had on shorts, then it changed to a skirt. He had no shirt on, then her has it on. More consistency in story line would make a perfect story.
With it being so short I didn’t expect allot. Usually short books are all sex and no depth. I don’t know how she did it but I totally loved these characters in the short period allotted. All the feels we love in romance packed in a quick romp. Fabulous!
This book was FIRE!!Seriously this is pulse racing, melt your panties hot.With Jessa Kane I’m used to the books being short and to the point.However, when they are short like this and the inconsistencies persist throughout over half the book it does get a bit aggravating.The entire time Cindy is on the oil rig she was suppose to have been wearing flip flops and shorts with no panties. But then all of a sudden she’s in boots, then a skirt, then she has panties on. Oh but wait! Butch rips them…but then she’s able to put on her panties again??
During the first intimate scene, she goes from wearing jean shorts to having them and her panties ripped off. But then suddenly she is wearing a skirt. Oh but then shes wearing panties. No panties. Then panties again before he rips the panties off.Mind you this all happened in one scene. Then for the rest of her stay on the rig, she was in a skirt…? What happened to the jean shorts?It was like the writer completely spaced out what the heck she was writing.I love her books but this was like…girl what are you on? Stay sober when you write. Lol
I like Jessa Kane. I like the characters but I wish the editing was consistent. She had on shorts, so don’t switch to a skirt. He had already removed her clothes, but then she was still in them a paragraph later. These are small but important issues. Waiting for the next one.


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