Code Name By Sawyer Bennett

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Code Name: Revenge (Jameson Force Security Book 9) By Sawyer Bennett


Book/Novel Author: Sawyer Bennett

Book/Novel Title: Code Name



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When Kynan McGrath approached me about joining Jameson Force Security, I jumped at the chance. Just call me Dozer Burney, one half of the genius duo who keeps the team at the forefront of security technology. The move from NASA to Jameson also put me back on the east coast, closer to those who mean the most to me.Jessica Anderson has been my best friend since college. A single mom who found herself mixed up with a dangerous man years ago, she’s been living a safe, quiet life in Miami after helping police put him behind bars. We both knew her safety, and that of her daughter, was reliant on him staying locked up. So when I see an alert that he’s escaped from his maximum security prison, I know where he’s heading to exact his revenge.Now it’s a race against time to get to Jessica before he does.Protecting her with my life is easy, because there’s one thing I’ve never admitted to anyone, not even myself—I have been in love with Jessica Anderson since the day I met her. And if we both make it out alive, I’ll make sure she knows it every day for the rest of our lives.
I found this story to be a bit different from the other books in this series. Neither of the main characters are considered field agents, although Dozer does work for Jameson Force Security. He’s the tech guy. An extremely intelligent and clever tech guy, this security firm only hires the brightest and best after all. But still, Dozer has never been in the field. When his best friend, the woman he is secretly in love with, and her daughter are put in danger Dozer finds he has what it takes to be a field agent.Jessica and Dozer met in college, along with their other best friend who is now deceased. He was also the father of Jessica’s daughter. Dozer easily stepped up to be the shoulder Jessica and Thea could lean on but didn’t want to rock the boat by ever admitting his feelings. Which is admirable, but also a bit narrow-minded.There is suspense and action in this story, but it’s more about love and friendship and family. There wasn’t the heat I was expecting between this couple. I definitely thought they belonged together and there was a warmth about their scenes together, I just get the usual fireworks I’m used to with this author. At first, I was confused, but I almost think it was intentional. Like I said before, this story is a bit different than the other. We still have the high stakes mission; it just plays out a bit more sedately.If you’re looking for a more laid-back romantic suspense, this story is perfect for you. I loved seeing the team come together for one of their own and have his back no matter what.
Code Name: Revenge is the latest installment in the Jameson Force Security series. I’ve been excited to get my hands on this one about Dozer. He, with his best friend Bebe, are the tech gurus that keep Jameson Force Security running behind the scenes.Dozer has kept a big secret from Bebe – his best friend from college Jessica and her daughter Thea. Dozer has looked out for Jessica and Thea ever since Thea’s father died. He has loved Jessica from afar, afraid to destroy their friendship.All of that changes when Jessica’s Mafia ex-boyfriend escapes from prison. Jessica is responsible for his incarceration, and he his hell-bent on revenge. Dozer isn’t a field op, but he puts everything at risk to get Jessica, her mom, and Thea to safety. Along the way, he manages to grow closer to his father, whom he has never had a good relationship with. And finds out that maybe there is more to be had with Jessica than just friendship and being “Uncle Dozer” to Thea.It was nice to read Dozer’s story. A good, quick, can’t put down read from Sawyer Bennett. If you are a fan of the Jameson Force Security series, be sure to pick this one up.
*4.5 stars*Oh, this story was hot! And made me so heart-happy! Kynan and Jessica were friends. Such good friends! They were beyond comfortable with each other with her daughter loving him almost as much as she did. Did she want more? Did he? When danger knocked, they were going to put everything on the line, win or lose…And that gamble made for a tension-filled story that ticked all the boxes. The friends to lovers angle was perfect. Inching slowly but surely towards the finishing line, with everyone winning in the end. Danger stalked them and family – both blood and work-related – stepped in, in a stunning show of support. I love the closeness of the Jameson family and it was on full display here, as they moved heaven and earth for them all.A great series, and this is my new favourite!*Reviewed for 1-Click Addict Support Group
Code Name: Revenge (Jameson Force Security #9) was a great read by Sawyer Bennett. Dozer Burney jumped at the chance to join Jameson Force Security. He is one half of the genius duo that is at the forefront of security technology. He moved from NASA to Jameson and moved to the east coast. Jessica Anderson has been his best friend since college. She is a single mom who finds herself mixed up with a dangerous man years ago. She has been safe in Miami after helping the police put him behind bars. Dozer finds out that her ex has escaped from the maximum security prison he was in and knew how he was going to get his revenge. He will protect her life and has been in love with her since the day they met. I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to read more by the author.
I really enjoyed reading this book and was happy that everything worked out for them. I will tell my friends about author
First I really enjoy the Jameson Security series by Sawyer Bennett, and this next in the series really adds to the body of work.In this latest installment we have Dozer who we’ve seen in the background of other books in the series and his best friend Jessica who we are introduced to for the first time in this book. Jessica is a single mom who had a child with Dozer’s deceased best friend, so he is more of an uncle/father figure to Jessica’s young child.We enter the book with Dozer becoming aware that Jessica is in danger from her former boyfriend who escaped prison. This fast-paced book dives right into Dozer’s life, we meet his father and the complicated situation that is.The Jameson Security crew pulls together to help Jessica and Dozer in the situation as it unfolds. What also unfolds is the deep feelings they have for each other and the developing relationship as they are in danger and running.I really enjoyed this book, I do however wish it was a bit longer.Narration was good, I enjoy Sean Crisden, and Adenrele Ojo was a new narrator that I’ve never listed to before. Overall they did a good job bringing the story and characters to live.4.5 Stars


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