Cold Judgment By Mary Stone

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Cold Judgment (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 11) By Mary Stone


Book/Novel Author: Mary Stone

Book/Novel Title: Cold Judgment



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It’s judgment day…Charleston police detective Ellie Kline has been skating on thin ice since she overrode protocol to stop the Cupid Killer. But when a former drug dealer turned family man is knifed to death, her new boss pulls her in on the case.The new lead detective is convinced it’s just another gang-related murder. But this was intimate. Savage. Personal. And exactly like the homicide of another low-level gang member who’d recently been released from prison.There’s a vigilante out there, and he’s not finished crossing names off his list.Ellie is determined to find the connection between the two victims before the case gets shoved to the backburner and a possible serial killer roams free. But as her own emotional state spirals out of control, Ellie must face her own demons before she loses everything—and everyone—she loves.The stakes have never been higher than they are in Cold Judgment, the eleventh book in Mary Stone’s bestselling Ellie Kline Series. Justice will be served…one way or another.Scroll up to grab your copy today!
The book was good but not as good as the others in this series. I found it depressing at times and it took the main character down a road I didn’t care for. I love the character though and hope she comes back fighting in the next books.
Five stars action thriller fast moving time when murder comes from the cold heart and take revenge for loved ones
The mental side of this one is exceptional as Ellie deals with the effects of earlier traumas. Her emotions spiral as the situation escalates. Very suspenseful
This book was vert refreshing. Now I know that some cops and detectives was a good heart. Being right can also get you into trouble.

Cold Judgement was fill with the coming of rage that filled Ellie Kline. Turning on all that loved her for her benefit. Will loosing everything bring her happiness


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