COLLAPSE By Mike Kraus

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COLLAPSE: Epoch’s End Book 5: (A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller Series) (Epoch’s End) By Mike Kraus


Book/Novel Author: Mike Kraus

Book/Novel Title: COLLAPSE



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The collapse of the northern hemisphere has led to billions of deaths, and while the McKnight family tries to survive, the challenges continue to mount in Epoch’s End Book 5.Tired of the usual post-apocalyptic tale? Welcome to your new addiction.#1 best-selling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus brings a new gripping tale of destruction, survival and humanity in his first solo project in 4 years.In the North Atlantic, a massive fissure in the sea floor has opened up, and an underground reservoir is releasing quadrillions of gallons of water into the oceans.A dozen Naval ships investigating this strange anomaly are sunk, leaving one scientist and his daughter as the only survivors.As unforeseen consequences spread from the anomalous rupture, those on both land and sea are faced with the reality that life in the world is rapidly changing as the current epoch ends… and a new one begins.*****Mike Kraus & Muonic Press are the #1 selling indie press publishing post-apocalyptic tales, for good reason. Since capturing audience’s attention with Final Dawn in 2012, Kraus has captivated and delighted his readers, both with his solo projects like Surviving the Fall and No Sanctuary, and with his co-authored projects with authors like Justin Bell, JJ Pike, Tara Ellis, Kenny Soward and others on titles such as Zero Hour, MELT, Flashpoint and Weathering the Storm.
Collapse is an interesting book, but just so many moving parts. Just as you get into one subject line it throws you into another. It does keep you sharp though.
I really enjoy Mike Kraus books. His books are full of mystery, suspense, little married romance and great stories! I highly recommend all of his books and this series is fabulous.
I’m a die hard fan after reading the first 5 of this 7 part series, my only complaint is the 6th doesn’t come out until tomorrow!!!Mr. Kraus has copious amounts of knowledge concerning every branch of our US Military Services, including our Special Ops teams! As a proud veteran this has been the most intriguing author I’ve come across in 20 years. These are must reads! I’m going to start on his other books immediately. I read these 5 in 3 days because I genuinely applaud his genius of story. Good on you Mr. Kraus and thank you.
It only took five books, but grammar and general errors are down from one almost every paragraph to one per page. A great, unique take on apocalypse cause is the reason I gave three stars.But I found myself skipping over paragraphs of filler in this segment – what they are eating, how they are eating it and the kids favorite MRE flavor. I am losing interest and only pre-ordered installment six because I am invested and hoping for some sort of conclusion to this drawn out story.
The problem has come to a climax. The merge have tracked the McKnight family down and intend to capture them. Mom is wounded so that complicates matters. The final result is here. I can,t wait.
Why do all these books end the same way? Good guys win, bad guys lose. I’m not a pessimist really, but how many times can you read about a family separated by the end of the world and struggling to get back together again?


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