Command Control By Viola Grace

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Command Control (Terran Reset Book 4) By Viola Grace


Book/Novel Author: Viola Grace

Book/Novel Title: Command Control

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Maya worked hard jobs all her life, and a devastating explosion at sea turned her from a hard worker into a crispy critter. Bedridden and blind, she accepts the order from the Volunteer Project and gets herself reset into a body that can move and skin that isn’t black.She did not think of anything aside from getting her body back under her control, so when she ends up at her assignment as a guardian communicator and tactician for three worlds, she does the job with good cheer until she got the first day off.Having locals trying to seduce her was strange, but knowing that she had been reset with the genes to be one of their queens, she just tried to ignore it. An act of kindness puts her in the path of a guardian who coincidentally also has a day off, and her day in the sun warms up considerably from there.The next day she meets his teammate, and the next teammate the day after that. The new genes come with new morals and less control.

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