Conquered By Riley Edwards

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Conquered (Triple Canopy Book 6) By Riley Edwards


Book/Novel Author: Riley Edwards

Book/Novel Title: Conquered



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Dylan Welsh was the last man standing…until Sawyer Glasgow brought him to his knees.Dylan wasn’t ready for Sawyer. He wasn’t ready to confront the truth of his past. He wasn’t ready to admit he’s fallen in love with the sweet, sexy woman who captivated him from the moment he saw her. He’s especially not prepared to face the hurt he’s caused Sawyer. But to keep her, he must do all three. She’s the right woman who came along at the wrong time, and after a night he can’t remember, Dylan will stop at nothing to regain her trust. Not easy when Sawyer’s family has betrayed her trust time and again.Sawyer thought she’d finally landed the man of her dreams. She thought the night she’d spent with Dylan was the start of something special. Until Dylan says the wrong thing at the wrong time and Sawyer retreats back into her private world, convinced that what her family has always said about her is true—she doesn’t deserve love.Can Dylan open up to Sawyer about his past? Can she confide in him about her present? As Sawyer and Dylan fight to find their way to a future together, a deadly vendetta against a Tripe Canopy client grows. When Sawyer gets caught up in the danger, it’s a race to save her before their dreams go up in flames.
Best series of books, love all triple canopy books. Start to finish. Would recommend them to everyone. enjoy a great read
Gotta saying I absolutely loved this story, it did hit away to close to home with what Swayer was going through with her parents. Love the ending Swayer and Dylan getting engaged with the TC family and Swayer’s family there. Absolutely recommend reading this book.
What an emotional book for both the characters and readers. Dylan and Sawyer both have had their fair share of family issues that they must work through to build the relationship they have been fighting against. Emotional, raw and hot. 5 stars!
Dylan thinks he needs to keep to himself and isolated because of his past. Sawyer is trying to overcome the rejection she felt from an emotional night with him. Once the truth comes out its a fight to stay together through adversity.
Thank you for sharing these wonderful romance novel series books. Please keep writing more of these wonderful books. Thank you
Wow! Dylan’s death of his wife a decade ago gad left him filled with guilt and he could not move on . Sawyer having had a horrible mother and it had been drilled into her all her life she was stupid and useless, trusts no one and feels love is negative. Sawyer and Dylan met at TC. They actually both were attracted to each other at 1st site. They teased each other, but neither would admit feelings.After a 10th anniversary drunken stupor of Dylan’s wife’s death, Sawyer made her move. What a disastrous night.So much abuse, grief, support of the TC family, plus a devastating fire at Hope center almost costing lives, changes lives forever. Hopefully further books in this series explains how all turns out.


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