Consider Me By Becka Mack

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Consider Me (Playing For Keeps Book 1) By Becka Mack


Book/Novel Author: Becka Mack

Book/Novel Title: Consider Me



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Carter Beckett is the NHL’s resident bad boy, top player both on the ice and in the bedroom, and quite possibly the sexiest man to ever grace my field of vision. But worst of all? He knows it.He’s arrogant, self-centered, and the man doesn’t seem to know what a filter is, let alone how to use one. He’s had everything served to him on a silver platter, including endless strings of women, and apparently, I’m up next.His only problem? I have no intention of falling for his shi—um, charm.I have the solution to all my sexual frustrations in a drawer at home, and it’s far less complicated than Carter Beckett. Sure, he may be pretty, but he’s also a walking, talking reminder for you to wrap it before you tap it.But then I start letting my guard down, and he starts showing me pieces of himself I had no intention of seeing. The bricks surrounding me may be tumbling down one by one, but I’m not sold yet, which means for the first time in his life, Carter’s the one begging.For my time, my trust, for a single chance.For me to just…consider him.Consider Me is book #1 in the Playing For Keeps series, a series of interconnected standalone mature hockey romance stories that contain lots of heat, swoon, laughs, and a ride on an emotional rollercoaster!
I really liked this story, even though I don’t normally like sports romances. Lots of spice and love between the main characters. I loved the very ending! Haha
Okay I had read a review that said Carter was our new book bf and I was like pfft okay sure BUT lemme tell you. YES HE IS!!!! I hate when authors make characters that are too sweet to be real, that it’s obvious they’re entirely made up but Carter was just perfection. Loved him and Olivia. Loved their love story! Definitely one of my favorites.
This book could have easily been 250 pages and I was a little excited that it was long beacuse I figured it’d have lots of ups and downs but it plateaus early on and then it’s just chapter after chapter of the same thing/conversations. The ending was kind of pointless. It just wasn’t for me.
I loved reading this! It was funny, sweet and sexy in all the right places! Carter is like one massive golden retriever with his sight set on Olivia. There isn’t a ton of angst, but the humor and teasing of each other make up for it easily.
Great characters, I cried and laughed my way through this book (mostly laughs). I can’t wait u til the next in the series and I want a prequel with Emmett and Cara’s story.
This book had me riveted from the beginning. You won’t be disappointed! Carter and Olivia story is a feel good story with some angst. HEA.


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4.9/5309 ratings