Convenience of That Kind By Elin Eriksen

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Convenience of That Kind: Pride & Prejudice variation By Elin Eriksen


Book/Novel Author: Elin Eriksen

Book/Novel Title: Convenience of That Kind



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A random suggestion from Miss Elizabeth Bennet had settled in Mr Darcy’s mind. The convenience of a particular kind would alleviate some significant challenges in his life. If you had warned him his feelings would become engaged, he would have baulked, but we all know how the most carefully laid plans can go awry…Convenience of That Kind is a novella-length farce with a platonic marriage-to-love plot of approximately 30 000 words.Warning: Before you read, beware that this author has often been accused of having an exceedingly dry and bawdy sense of humour…
Humor, wit and more humor! Our couple are most upfront only holding out when they fell in love but that revelation to each other didn’t take long. A quick and fun read. Enjoy!
I don’t know what I was thinking the first time I read this book for when I re-read it I love it. I laughed and thought this was really entertaining with all of the quips and yes, the bawdy remarks. I must have been really tired or in a bad mood the first time I read this.Elizabeth meets Darcy and immediately the talk of his not marrying becomes a topic of interest, so when she meets Wickham she puts him in his place for trying to pull the wool over her eyes. It’s really funny. Then after the ball Collins proposes and faced with her parents coming to force her to marry the idiot, she accepts Darcy’s proposal but he sees the situation for what it is and kisses her in front of everyone. Oh, I have to say that is one of my favorite parts. That is until the couple reaches London. You really have to read the wedding night!Oh and Lydia! Given wickham is not able to persuade Elizabeth to beloved his lies, she takes another Avenue and she is awesome. Yet another reason to like this book, the author made me like Lydia.I hope you are ready for a fun and entertaining read!
I enjoyed the humor in this fast-paced P&P novella. The plot simplifies much of the timeline, having Lizzy see through Wickham right away, and Darcy deciding to solve his personal problems by immediately adding Miss Elizabeth as his wife, to befriend his sister and run his household, as well as discourage all the clinging debs and their matchmaking mamas.But the marriage of convenience proves to have some unexpected inconveniences. And of course, the biggest is that neither Darcy nor Elizabeth finds contentment in a platonic pairing. As playwright George Bernard Shaw would remark many decades later, “Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity.”Unfortunately the humor mostly disappears after the romance is admitted between ODC, with only one humorous episode subsequently. The last part of the story focuses on Lydia, who is not one of my favorite characters, even when she stops misbehaving.Still, it’s a fun read for most of it, and worth some of your time if you’re a P&P fan.
This book found a way around the usual Darcy and Lizzy disagreements. It was sweet and gave satisfying conclusions to the fate of most of our favorite characters
Of course, I enjoyed Darcy and Elizabeth but Lydia was definitely a nice bonus (this time). I think you would like this book.
I gave this a 3.5 because it did keep my interest, but it was trying way too hard. I did like the Mansfield Park crossover, but really felt there was way too much going on at the same time. It was like reading 5 different short stories at one time. I did enjoy some funny moments, but overall it was just not that great.


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