Convergence By Jason Anspach

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Convergence (Galaxy’s Edge Book 13) By Jason Anspach


Book/Novel Author: Jason Anspach

Book/Novel Title: Convergence



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ALLIES AND ENEMIES GROW THEIR FORCES… As the galaxy marches headlong toward the greatest threat to peace since the Savage Wars, the flames are lit in the most unlikely of places. Trapped inside a Savage mini hulk, Prisma faces a future where little is as she expected it would be, and a past that is even more troubling than she knew. Aboard a Cybar ship, Andien Broxin fights for her life with the most unlikely of allies at her side. And on the Kimbrin home world, Masters joins a Legion Special Operations Group tasked with checking a resurgent MCR… only to find himself embroiled in the flashpoint that will again plunge the galaxy into war. Goth Sullus has fallen. Tyrus Rechs is a memory. But those who are enemies of both men are now set to step forth and reveal themselves on the galactic stage—unless the Republic, and the Legion, can answer the call to sacrifice. The lines of battle converge in this midpoint of Galaxy’s Edge Season 2!
The beginning was ABYSMAL in every sense of the word. What a fascinating decision to introduce a teenage boy and his arcade games as the impetus behind this now 13 book series, and to do it in the 13th book…WOW, just wow, definitely failed to workshop that decision. A series written by men for men mainly, and the main plot (now anyway) is a teenage boy playing video games… fascinating. Those scenes and the beginning of the book even were some of the worst writing I have ever read – it was like a completely different author took up the mantle there; the shear volume of typos was staggering and any scene with Crometheus was stupid and devoid of anything worthwhile and interesting. Review is two stars however, due to your fantastic comeback with the end of the book. Masters was really lovely, missionary bot and the plot thickening was very interesting, and Makaffie was unexpected and a neat addition. Please write 14 and + books like you did the first 12.
I can’t wait for next book, writers keep you on edge to see what happens next. I love the whole series. Galaxy’s Edge, led me to other books connected to series. Then with suggested reading led me to Four Horsemen Universe series. Great science fiction, by writers that know what they talk about.
Hard to write about what was so good without giving spoilers about who we see and where they are. The authors have taken us on another galaxy-spanning thrill ride where various plot threads that we haven’t seen in a while come roaring back, and gives us a new one out of nowhere that seems like a distraction from the real important events…. until it’s no longer a distraction! Can’t wait for the next one, gonna be a tough wait 🙁

I seriously don’t know how these guys can KEEP developing a story line like they do. Just when I think I’ve got a grip on things- it goes sideways. And not in a ridiculous way. There are seeds planted as you read, you’re totally unaware of them. The seeds grow, small and unnoticeable and then before you know it- something happens and all the other books come rushing through your mind and the unnoticed seeds are fully grown. You need this. DISCLAIMER- I wrote this under the influence of very much coffee so there’s that.
I love this series. Ultimate sci fi escapism. I think I have read 25 books in this universe. Most I have loved but this one…is kinda all over the place. It seems like 3-4 different books compressed into 1. It could have been easier to follow if there were stronger transitions but you just kinda jump all over the place. I hope the next one is better because this seems like a rough outline that was turned into a rough draft and then out to press. As the books ends…I don’t entirely know what happened and where we are going.


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4.9/5309 ratings