Counter Strike By David Bruns

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Counter Strike (Command and Control Book 2) By David Bruns


Book/Novel Author: David Bruns

Book/Novel Title: Counter Strike



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When China launches a blitz attack on the island of Taiwan, the world order hangs in the balance and the CIA must mobilize all forces to prevent the start of World War III.The operation by the People’s Liberation Army is airtight, with a high-tech battle network that guarantees total occupation within ten days. The United States rallies every available asset on land, sea, and air to launch a desperate counter strike against the occupying forces.But in order to win, the US is forced to throw out the old playbook. What is required here is speed, audacity, and the application of the most advanced technology in the US arsenal.As the head of the CIA’s Emerging Threats Group, Don Riley has seen his share of crises, but nothing has prepared him for the choices ahead. With millions of civilian lives at risk, the US must neutralize the Chinese threat without triggering World War Three.Counter Strike is the second book in a brand new series co-written by former submarine officer David Bruns and retired naval intelligence officer J.R. Olson. Packed with pulse-pounding action, realistic combat scenes, and page-turning twists, this military techno-thriller is a must-read for fans of Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney.___________________________Praise for the authors and the COMMAND AND CONTROL series:“David Bruns and J.R. Olson deliver captivating and utterly authentic portrayals of modern day combat that compares with the best of the timeless classics by Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, and Stephen Coonts.” —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Mission Critical“A fascinating World War Three scenario, and an action-packed story. This is going to be an amazing series!” —Andrew Watts, USA Today bestselling author of The War Planners”With their background in the U.S. Navy, both Bruns and Olson have the right stuff to create a realistic military tale.” ―Booklist“These two guys have lived it. Now they’re writing it. Taut, tense, and totally believable, you will be dropped into the midst of a world with which few of us are familiar. A fine thriller indeed.” —Don Keith, author of Only the Brave and Final Bearing“Command and Control is a masterpiece of a military thriller from the first page to the explosive ending…some of the best combat writing I’ve seen since Tom Clancy.” —Jason Kasper, USA Today bestselling author of The Enemies of My Country”Bruns and Olson deliver an action packed story from the first to the very last page. Torn from tomorrow’s headlines, loaded with intrigue and mystery, a must read for any fan of military techno-thrillers.” —George Wallace, author of Warshot and Operation Golden Dawn___________________________What readers are saying:★★★★★ “…brilliantly written”★★★★★ “…as great as Clancy.”★★★★★ “…a winner from the first page to the last.”★★★★★ “…powerful, white-knuckle, intense roller coaster ride.”★★★★★ “…an exhilarating geopolitical techno-thriller of the highest order.”
Attention grabbing and relentless multilevel perspective makes this book difficult to put down. Hated to get to the end but anxious to begin next book in series
Intense sea action coupled with some ground battles gives this read plenty of action. There are familiar characters from the first in the series coupled with a new set to compliment the old. Well written and worth your time to read.
I have enjoyed the first two books in this series and I am looking to the third as well as other titles by these authors.
After reading this and the previous novels in the series, it’s difficult to come up additional words to describe this book. The best I can do is that it is every bit as good and entertaining as those that have come before. I can’t wait to continue the journey.
I loved the first book and felt like it was the closest thing I’ve read to Tom Clancy since those days. This book started out much the same through approx 3/4 of the book. After approx 3/4 of the way through, though, it seemed like the authors felt like they had painted themselves into a corner and didn’t know how to get themselves out, so they just made something up that got them to the ending they wanted. I know it’s a work of fiction, so some sense of realism and plausibility has to be dismissed, but the way this one ended just made no sense to me and was extremely disappointing. I had not been looking forward to finishing book 2 since book 3 won’t be out for another 7 months, but at this point, I don’t know that I’ll worry about book 3.Some specific complaints (with partial spoilers):* Ships or subs destroyed but it’s assumed and not addressed until later* Action that is not followed up on – i.e. a battle starts, missiles fly, and then later the damages are briefly recounted with few to no specifics* First person accounts that fade away – i.e. the action from the bridge is fast and furious, and then the chapter ends, and 1 or 2 chapters later we pick up at that point without really addressing what happened in between* Suddenly introducing new weapons systems that seem to surprise everyone, including the JCOS, that have little explanation, and, of course, work flawlessly, just in order to bail-out the primary story line* And the most implausible of all are the political turns at the end and how everything seemingly (there’s a book 3, I know) wraps up nice and neat, with everything seemingly returning to normal, despite all the death and destruction and loss of treasure and life.Maybe Book 3 will be better and be more willing to take some chances/risks and surprise us. Maybe. If nothing else, Book 2 is worth is for the first 3/4 or so. After that – I could take it or leave it.
From start to end this book both terrified me and thrilled me! Well written by an author who knows his stuff!


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