Couple Killer By L.T. Vargus

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Couple Killer (Violet Darger FBI Mystery Thriller Book 9) By L.T. Vargus


Book/Novel Author: L.T. Vargus

Book/Novel Title: Couple Killer



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A shadow walks the streets at night. Stalking couples in their cars. Flashlight in one hand. Gun in the other. Killing people is so much fun.When multiple murders terrorize a small town college campus, FBI profiler Violet Darger heads to rural Michigan to investigate. As soon as she arrives, a grim history begins to emerge.The crimes have progressed steadily over a period of 18 months.Indecent exposure to stalking.Stalking to rape.Rape to murder.The UNSUB’s emphasis on power and control rapidly verges toward full blown sadism. He grows ever bolder, ever more vicious.What could be more dangerous than a killer aroused by expressions of rage? Increasing brutality. Overkill.Understanding his psychological motivations will guide the efforts to stop him.Darger digs into the history. Tries to figure out how the perpetrator advanced unchecked to graver and graver trangressions.What she finds buried in the police records unsettles her as much as the murders themselves.While a faceless killer terrorizes the campus, the school administrators remain focused on burying the story.The revelation creates another complication: The students feel disenfranchised. Angry.Prostesters gather on lawns. Ignore the citywide curfew. An uprising brewing all over campus.Darger must navigate an uncooperative administration, a powder keg of a campus, and a killer as savage and dangerous as any she’s ever faced.When it all boils over, chaos descends on the townspeople. And the killer walks among them.The novels in the Violet Darger series can be read as stand-alones. Scroll up and grab Couple Killer now.Praise for the Violet Darger series:”The Violet Darger books are honestly the best detective novels I’ve ever read.” — Devin”Wow, just wow! If you like scare-you-half-to-death mystery books this is the one for you. It starts with a bang and just doesn’t stop.” — Ada Lavin”Un-put-downable! I cannot wait for this series to grow. If you love Sandford, Slaughter, Kava, Stelljes and Deaver, you’ll LOVE Vargus & McBain!” — Melody M”Vargus and McBain have, in Violet Darger, created a character that absolutely stands up with some of the greats — Phillip Marlowe, Dave Robicheaux, Elvis Cole, Charlie Parker, August Dupin, Jack Reacher, Harry Bosch, etc.” — Lucinda E. Snyder”If you liked Silence of the Lambs, you’ll love Dead End Girl… At the same time, there’s so much attention to detail and organic storytelling that this could easily compete with any of Stephen King’s longer works. I found myself completely invested in every character, from the authorities to the killer to the victims themselves.” — eden Hudson”This book reminds me of some of my favorite books in the crime thriller genre – Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, The Collector by John Fowles, the Mr. Mercedes trilogy by Stephen King, and of course Silence of the Lambs. It’s not a glimpse…it’s a good long look inside the mind of a killer. It’s fast paced, it’s scary, and it’s satisfying.” — Rain”I devour each installment in this series the instant it is available.” — Shelley R. Klouzal
I’ve been enjoying this author for quite a while but was massively disappointed in this one. Dark, brutal, but not a page turner unless it was too hurry up and finish to get it over with. Many pages devoted to what the author seemed to be trying for as gory poetry. Just icky best describes this book. I’m a Michigander so like this Michigan author but I’m done for awhile.
This book seemed almost like it was written by someone else. I had a hard time recognizing the voice I’ve grown used to with Darger and Loshak. And the riot, the chase, none of it even seemed plausible. Way too much descriptive prose added unnecessarily to the book. Show don’t tell is paramount, I get that, but this was over the top.
When any author has a trained FBI agent miss two shots at a target in the back seat of a car from no more than 10 feet, that author doesn’t know guns nor FBI training and qualifications requirements. It sort of dampens my interest in their other books.
This book was such a wild ride I felt like I should be wearing a fanny pack. I was taken to the edge of my seat again and again. I feel like authors in this genre often focus on the mystery and the characters are one dimensional. Not so with Vargus/McBain, this is a well crafted mystery and the characters are juicy.
This is the scariest books I have ever read, and I read a lot. I have to tell you that at times I was ready to set it aside. Vargus and McBain have written some great novels. All in all, this is one of their bests, in my mind.
This episode of Violet Darger FBI had an incredible amount of human interactions, and details. Many of the characters were portrayed as emotionally vulnerable beings, with the flaws we often see in others. The degree of violence was frightening. The author has painted a vivid picture of humanity at its worse, and social justice at its very finest.


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