Court of the Shifter 2 By Logan Jacobs

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Court of the Shifter 2 By Logan Jacobs


Book/Novel Author: Logan Jacobs

Book/Novel Title: Court of the Shifter 2



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Things have only gotten crazier since I fell through an underground lake and ended up in a fantastical realm full of magic, vampires, and shifters. I’m no longer just Eli the park ranger. Now, I’m Eli the prophesized Ulvant, the multi-shifter who is supposed to bring peace to both the vampire and shifter kingdoms. By taking on multiple wives and breeding with them. The vampire princess isn’t quite taken with me yet, but she also won’t let my shifter lover and I journey alone to the shifter capital, so I plan to get under the vampiress’ skin one way or another…
Another excellent book by a very talented author! The world’s and character’s you create are truly entertaining. Will be excitedly looking forward to the next stallment in this series!

We get to finally leave the city and visit the shifter capital. I really like the MC since other than his shifter abilities he’s mostly normal without expecting everyone to immediately bow to him.
Liking the development of the characters, curious how the story will be playing out. Ready for the next book already
Eli is back and his power is growing as he adds another talisman to his collection. Can’t wait for the next book.
I’ve always loved Logan’s books and this series is no exception. I’m really enjoying the connections the characters are developing and the progress of the story. Cant wait for the next one


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