Courting Darkness By Katie May

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Courting Darkness (Fae Revealed Book 1) By Katie May


Book/Novel Author: Katie May

Book/Novel Title: Courting Darkness



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My whole life has been characterized by fighting.Fighting my family.And fighting for my life.Trust me—the first one is completely voluntary, and a lot of fun. The second? Not so much.To say my family dynamic is weird is the understatement of the century. I held my first sword when I was only five years old, and I learned how to dispose of a body before I turned ten.I may have a penchant for pink and sparkles…but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to kick major ass as well.As if my life isn’t complicated enough, my body is being ravaged by a chronic, mystery illness.Seizures? Check. Passing out? Check. Agonizing pain? Check. A host of other unexplainable ailments? Double check.After a change in my parents’ job takes us across the country, I find myself doing something I’ve never done before—attend an actual high school, despite my sickness.But this school? Well…it’s a little weird…I’m always turned around, and there’s something happening I just can’t put my finger on.And don’t even get me started on my sexy as sin teacher and his equally as gorgeous twin brother. Or Tristan, who kind of reminds me of an energetic puppy. Or Kian, who has a harem of girls at his beck and call, despite seeming unhappy with his entire life. Or Foster and Gage, who are revered and feared in equal measure.With a serial killer stalking the streets of this odd, little town, my new friends and family are on high alert.One thing becomes clear…Humans aren’t the only beings who walk this earth.And if I don’t uncover the secrets of my new school, I may be the killer’s next victim.Courting Darkness is a reverse harem paranormal romance, meaning the main character will end up with more than one love interest by the end of the series. This is book ONE in the series. It will end with a cliffhanger. Read more
This book was good, great even… but the authors screwed up bigtime. It’s not that fates are left unknown, its not that the burning question of the book is left unanswered. It is the fact that this book takes place over only a couple of days supposedly. That inconsistency bothers me – timelines matter. But, the realproblem is that the book just ends midscene. I don’t mean a cliffhanger. I mean literally in the middle of a scene, in the middle of a conversation it just ends. Its a pathetic attempt to garner readers for their next book. For the authors, you will gain more followers by writing a true book and not tricking us into reading your next book just to finish this one. You just lost this reader with your shady tactics, and based off these reviews i’m not the only one.
Severe cliffhanger and I don’t even care.Nothing revealed or resolved despite the over the top foreshadowing.No real development of relationship or personalities.
I was looking for a paranormal book in a school setting that wasn’t a bully book. This one met all of those criteria and for the first 75% of the book I was thinking this might be a 5* read. Unfortunately, the end left me somewhat melancholy and unsatisfied. I don’t expect all of the mysteries to be answered and all of the plot issues to be resolved (when a book is part of a series) but this one left almost everything hanging. Add to that the heartbreaking Kian storyline that made me dislike the other guys and there is very little motivation to want to read book 2. I did love Sera and the dichotomy of her character. A tiny girly girl who was able to kick @ss was fun to read about. I also loved the dynamic between her and her brothers. Due to that and my enjoyment of over half the book a 4* rating feels appropriate.
I smiled through most of this book. It’s cute. Laughing out loud moments with Sera’s interactions with her brothers and boys. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
This book was awesome! Seraphina and her family have moved to a new town. Her family is a bit… odd. She grew up learning how to protect herself from people who might hurt her. Bloodshed is a daily occurrence with her brothers and parents during their practice sessions, and it’s all fun and games unless you need to hide a body.Sera’s family is very close, and she’s been homeschooled most of her life. But in this new town she is going to start regular school as a senior at the local high school.Unfortunately, things at her school aren’t all they seem to be. Or perhaps more than they seem to be. Sera has her own demons to deal with, and she’s terrified her new friends will learn about her weird family and other issues and drop her like a rock. It turns out they have their own secrets as well.This story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next one! This book is well written and well edited. The heroine is spunky and has a great heart and wicked sense of humor.
Wow, that ending was not at all what I expected! I can’t wait to see what will happen next. The next book doesn’t release until March but I am willing to wait as long as possible for the next one. Katie May and Quinn Arthurs have done a great job with Serafina and her men!


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