Crash Site By Rachel Grant

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Crash Site (Fiona Carver Book 2) By Rachel Grant


Book/Novel Author: Rachel Grant

Book/Novel Title: Crash Site



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For archaeologist Fiona Carver, the Caribbean glistens with untold menace in a heart-racing novel by Rachel Grant, USA Today bestselling author of Dangerous Ground.Fiona Carver has landed a dream assignment: conducting an archaeological inventory of Ruby Island, a privately owned, pristine gem in the Caribbean. Two months in paradise exploring and mapping a lush rainforest, vast caves, and a seventeenth-century star fort and following up on legends of hidden Spanish gold. Add a simmering reunion with wildlife photographer Dean Slater and it’s enough to take Fiona’s breath away. But the sparkle fades when Dean’s arrival is met with sudden, terrifying danger.Reunited and determined to see the project through, Fiona and Dean find themselves in a swirl of intrigue as they delve into the complex history of the unspoiled refuge, now a tropical haven for billionaires and their secrets. But the work isn’t easy, as someone appears determined to kill the project—by any means necessary.As betrayal casts tropical storm clouds over Ruby Island and treasured friendships dissolve into distrust, one thing becomes clear: Fiona and Dean are trapped in a dangerous paradise.
Crash Site was an action packed thriller with an amazing setting. Even though the island and all the facts with it are fictional, you would never know it. The description and details included in the story are well done and realistic. Love that! If you like long drawn out smolder romances with ups and downs, then you will find the romance quite satisfying. I was ‘meh’ about it but the ending was really nice. Overall, a good book with an exciting story.
Way too much gooey stuff. I thought this was an adventure story. It was stupid and I didn’t enjoy it. Skimmer through most of it just to get to end. Sad.
This was a great book to read. There’s a lot of action and adventure. This book is riddled with suspense. Dean and Fiona has returned to once again work together and fight for their lives.
Some romance and a lot of intrigue along with excellent description of the surroundings in which the characters work and try to survive. Each of the first two books have been equally entertaining. Very much looking forward to another to continue the series.
Loved, loved, loved this book! Hated having it end. I really enjoyed the first book and the build up to the “romantic intimacy” between Fiona and Dean was suspenseful, magical, awkward, painful and a little bit humorous. This second book brought everything together with just as much suspense, action and ” oh my, yes, romance”. Told you: Worth the wait!!
So much back story that I finally gave up trying to figure any of it out. Took forever to get somewhere and the attempted red herrings were laughable.


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4.9/5309 ratings