Crew Princess By Tijan

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Crew Princess (Crew Series Book 2) By Tijan


Book/Novel Author: Tijan

Book/Novel Title: Crew Princess



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Being crew is walking between two worlds. One world is normal: Prom. Parties. College. Those are the concerns they worry about. In our world, we deal with other situations. Cops. Drugs. Brawling. That’s a typical day for us. But what if it wasn’t? What if there came a day when you stopped? When you considered letting your enemies win? When you didn’t fight back? When you chose a different path? First I lost my family. Then I got the Wolf Crew. I couldn’t lose them too. But what happens when Cross, Zellman, and Jordan keep going……and I don’t?
If you like the fallen crest series, you will like this. Can’t wait to read the next book. Couldn’t put this down until I finished. Love Tajin and her books!
I’m not gonna lie I enjoy reading this series. The characters have pulled me in since I read Crew. It’s interesting to see how things work at Roussou and learn about the Crews.Crew isn’t a bad thing. It was put in place for protection and you learn a bit more about what the crew system is and what it means to the students in this book. Things are crazy right now in Roussou. The students are being singled out at events and something is happening where they are targeting crews. Main one being Wolf Crew. From the beginning of this story to the end you will experience their pain, agony, love, hurt, anger, and envy.I do have a issue with this series but that will be put at the end of my review with a spoiler alert. There’s one more book left in this series and I look forward to reading it.Spoiler Alert:93% of the way through the book Sam says to Mason “This is why Channing and Heather have kept us away from her. She’s like us Mason.” He grunted but there was a small grin there. “Yeah. This will be interesting to say the least.”That right there wraps up my only problem with this series. It reminds me so much of the Fallen Crest Series. Bren and her Crew remind me of version 2.0 of the Fallen Crest Characters. Bren is Sam, Cross is Mason, Jordan is the Nate of the group, andZellerman is their Logan.Overall not a bad series. Wondering what the final book is gonna have in store since they are now all going to Cain University and you guessed it living in the Kade’s house. I do hope the third book doesn’t give off as many Fallen Crest Vibes!
I was really excited for the continuation of Crew. I wasn’t really a fan of how all the answers were delivered cute and tied up with a bow. After the mystery it was a let down. I will be reading the final book to finish the series.
Everything Author Tijan writes is a absolute winner in my book! You know if her name is on it it’s going to be worth reading!
I need more cross and bren moments! I absolutely love their relationship! This story has been a great 2 installment.
Such a great series by an amazing author. Love love this story and can’t wait to read the last book! I definitely recommend.


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4.9/5309 ratings