CRIME IN OXFORD a fiercely addictive mystery By CATHERINE MOLONEY

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CRIME IN OXFORD a fiercely addictive mystery (Detective Markham Mystery and Suspense Book 15) By CATHERINE MOLONEY



Book/Novel Title: CRIME IN OXFORD a fiercely addictive mystery



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A THRILLING CRIME MYSTERY BY CATHERINE MOLONEY  WITH AN ENDING YOU WON’T SEE COMING.This twisted killer wants to make an exhibition of himself.Detective Markham visits the Reynolds Museum, Oxford, hoping to take in a little culture.Instead, he finds a grisly crime scene.Someone has been there after-hours. And they’ve left their own addition to the exhibit.A battered body, posed in a glass case for all to see.The victim is historian Dr Timothy Colthurst, golden boy of Sherwin College.His friends and peers — members of the academic elite — might seem respectable. But one of them is hiding a killer secret.Can DI Markham hunt them down before anyone else pays the ultimate price?WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT CATHERINE MOLONEY:”Gripped from the start!” Curly”A beautifully crafted book coming to a resolute finish.” Rob”Utterly believable characters, beautifully described.” JacquelinePerfect for fans of P.D. James, Ruth Rendell, Ann Cleeves, Frances Lloyd or Richard Osman.DISCOVER A BRILLIANT NEW BRITISH CRIME MYSTERY SERIES.THE DETECTIVESDI GILBERT (“GIL”) MARKHAMDI Markham is a startlingly talented detective rising through the ranks of Bromgrove CID. He is distant and austere — the product of a profoundly difficult childhood — but has a natural magnetism which inspires loyalty. He clashes with his slippery boss, DCI Sidney, who prioritizes the force’s public image.DS GEORGE (“NOAKESY”) NOAKESDS Noakes is a slobbish, uncouth and outspoken Yorkshireman, an object of despair to his superiors. He is, however, also a man of hidden depths, with a sensitive streak and a secret flair for ballroom dancing. Markham sees through his philistinism and they form an unstoppable partnership.DETECTIVE INSPECTOR GILBERT MARKHAM SERIESBook 1: CRIME IN THE CHOIRBook 2: CRIME IN THE SCHOOLBook 3: CRIME IN THE CONVENTBook 4: CRIME IN THE HOSPITALBook 5: CRIME IN THE BALLETBook 6: CRIME IN THE GALLERYBook 7: CRIME IN THE HEATBook 8: CRIME AT HOMEBook 9: CRIME IN THE BALLROOMBook 10: CRIME IN THE BOOK CLUBBook 11: CRIME IN THE COLLEGEBook 12: CRIME IN THE KITCHENBook 13: CRIME IN THE SPABook 14: CRIME IN THE CRYPTBook 15: CRIME IN OXFORD “Please leave a review once you have read any of my murder mystery books.Thankyou Catherine Moloney”
I kept reading the books hoping they would get better but they didn’t. It was sp predictable: first murder occurs. Homosexual? Second murder occurs. Blackmail? Next 3 murders occurs. Suspect commits suicide. The author uses so many different names for each of the suspects that it’s hard to keep track of them. The story gets so convoluted that it’s hard to keep. I stopped reading halfway through this book.
When I buy a mystery book, I want to be entertained not bored to death. Tis is a history book NOT a mystery book. I will never buy another book from this author. This is the second horrible book of hers that I purchased. Never again.
Can’t get enough of DI Markham and his team and his girl Olivia. His DS Noaksey adds so much to this series. The whole team add so much to the story. If this series ends, would love to be able to follow Noaksey. Read this series, you will love following Markham and his team.
I normally look forward to new books in this series but this one was a real disappointment. It was tedious and the potential murderers were just names that I had trouble keeping straight since they were not well defined. Too much about Scott and the Arctic adventure seemed as if it was just taken directly from an encyclopedia and was certainly more than I cared to know about those people. The regular characters even seemed to be flat with long sections of odd dialog. I normally like this author’s writing and her interesting characters but not this time. I did finish the book but I would hesitate to read another one in this series that I used to like very much.
I feel like I’ve taken a class on Arctic explorers, just like I felt after reading the last book. It’s a bit too much. I like the characters, but don’t like being force-fed information. I hope Ms. Mooney does plan on writing more books like these last two. It was exhausting to get through them.
This was very hard to slog through. Every succeeding book in this series seems to get more and more nauseating as every character becomes more full of themselves. The premise was sad, obnoxious and too typical of society today. Over intellectualized, bordering on idiocy. I’m done with this series.


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