Crossing the Line By J.J. Arias

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Crossing the Line: An Age Gap Lesbian Romance By J.J. Arias


Book/Novel Author: J.J. Arias

Book/Novel Title: Crossing the Line



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It was supposed to be a one night stand . . . fate had other plans.Newly-appointed judge Jordan Blake is done with romance. But on a rare night out, she becomes captivated by Sierra – a woman half her age. Unable to resist her charms, the usually cautious Jordan gives in to a reckless night of passion.Law student Sierra Fuentes doesn’t expect to see Jordan again. Pleasantly surprised when she ends up her intern, Sierra sees an opportunity to continue their steamy affair. If only Jordan would stop caring about the rules.With Sierra in her chambers, Jordan vows to keep their relationship strictly professional. . . even if she can’t stop thinking about that night. Forced together, the women struggle to keep their desires, and burgeoning feelings, under control.With her heart and career on the line, will Jordan risk it all for a chance at love, or will her fears keep her from leaping head first into her happily ever after?Find out whether love and lust are worth the consequences in this addictively steamy, age gap, workplace romance.
The main characters have considerable legal status and I am pleased to say the dialogue matches beautifully. It is clear and sharp. This is what you’d expect from two brilliant minds. They are both lovely characters. You’ll enjoy their story. It’s very well written.
Each book Arias writes is even better than the last.A realistic age gap romance where one of the women is very concerned about the difference in age and the other doesn’t care at all.Thank you J.J. Arias for another fantastic read.
I’m a huge fan of the age-gap trope and J.J. Arias did a great job with this one. It started as a one-night stand with Sierra, the 24-year-old hottie scooting out of the hotel at first light. Neither Jordan nor Sierra thought they’d see one another again until Sierra showed up in Jordan’s chambers as her new intern. Jordan didn’t disclose the nature of their relationship (does a one-night stand count as a relationship?) to her boss because she didn’t they’d ever be able to make a relationship work.What I liked most about this book was the fact that Jordan’s concerns about getting involved were valid, first because she was Sierra’s boss and her code of ethics as a judge was way stronger than any mortal, and second because of the 20-year age gap. This was the first age gap where the older character voiced her concerns about what being 20 years older could mean as she moves into her 50s, 60s, and 70s. The dialogue was dynamic and engaging and the chemistry between Jordan and Sierra was sizzling from the moment they met. I loved every part of this book!
Wow!!! I just finished the book last night I want to read it again. OMG what a ride. The chemistry between the two characters are off the charts. You feel your heartbreaking….no no no HEA…no worries she wraps it up cuz I was about to pull my hair out literally. I actually became overcome with emotion because you feel for Sierra and ya I got really teary eyed and you’ll find out why I’m a paralegal And i loved the book. I haven’t checked but I’m definitely going to be looking up this author to see if I can find any more of the law genre I can read. This would make a great movie….gotta be Jenn Anniston and Megan Fox. Megan is the perfect Sierra. This is one of the best books I’ve ever written. It has everything in it romance, lust, angst, cat and mouse a really really good feeling. A definite read!!!!!
Being 41 I laughed so much while reading this book! It’s well written with great character development and very witty. You will not be disappointed.
The barriers were realistic and the main characters fully realized. The reversals were painful and the growth hard won. Loved the ending!


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