Crowbones By Anne Bishop

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Crowbones (World of the Others Book 3) By Anne Bishop


Book/Novel Author: Anne Bishop

Book/Novel Title: Crowbones



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In this engrossing and gripping fantasy set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Others series, an inn owner and her friends must find a killer—before it’s too late.…Crowbones will gitcha if you don’t watch out!Deep in the territory controlled by the Others—shape-shifters, vampires, and even deadlier paranormal beings—Vicki DeVine has made a new life for herself running The Jumble, a rustic resort. When she decides to host a gathering of friends and guests for Trickster Night, at first everything is going well between the humans and the Others. But then someone arrives dressed as Crowbones, the Crowgard bogeyman. When the impostor is killed along with a shape-shifting Crow, and the deaths are clearly connected, everyone fears that the real Crowbones may have come to The Jumble—and that could mean serious trouble. To “encourage” humans to help them find some answers, the Elders and Elementals close all the roads, locking in suspects and victims alike. Now Vicki, human police chief Grimshaw, vampire lawyer Ilya Sanguinati, and the rest of their friends have to figure out who is manipulating events designed to pit humans against Others—and who may have put Vicki DeVine in the crosshairs of a powerful hunter.
I always love a story good by Anne Bishop, and this one was no different. I’m not a big fan of Vickie, but the rest of the ensemble is excellent.
Another great book in this off-shoot of The Others series. We are once again at The Jumble in the village of Sproing and once again Vicki DeVine finds herself in a “situation” where she, Grimshaw, Farrow and the local terra indigene need to work together to solve a growing problem so that the Elders don’t have to intervene. It was great to visit these characters again and also get to briefly see some characters from other books in the series. There is something so special about these characters and the world of the Others that Anne Bishop has created that I love immersing myself in it with every book.
I truly love this series! I feel as though these characters are family ❤️ Always up for another book of stories of The Others!
I loved this book so much I read it again – back to back. And discovered I’d missed a couple of clues during the first reading.You must read “Lake Silence” before this one. Events & people will be much clearer.Then read “Wild Country” which is also excellent.Wonderful books which have a perfect pacing of events as well as crystal clear characters & their voices.Highly recommend!
I would read anything Anne Bishop wants to write ✍️ This was a little slow in the middle but I get that we needed the information to understand the end. I did figure out who was doing “it” kind of early but only because I read a lot of mysteries.
I love these books. The Others are so well thought out and plotted and the characters are so real I can see them in my mind.


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4.9/5309 ratings